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Love someone

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1 year ago

Love is the feelings that you like some one. Love is such a great feelings. When you think about someone and your heart feels special for him it’s called love. Love is great thing for people life. Without love people life like to be hell. We need love people for a good life. When we love someone he becomes more than life. He become the most important person in life. It is called that love brings people to close. A person who can not tolerate people but one day he also fallen in love. Because love is such a magic that can touch everyone. Love change the people life. A person who lead a bad life if love entry in his life than his life motive become change. He start to lead a normal life. Sometimes it is called that love is the most powerful thing in life. For love people do impossible thing. The love take place in heart. Heart is the store of love.

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Nice post

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1 year ago