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1 year ago

"Lizo Jose Pilleseri" won the Best Director award for "Jalikattu" at the 50th Kerala State Film Awards.

"Jalikattu" was one of the best movies in the Malayalam movie industry in 2019. This movie can be given 10/10 in cinematography. The background score was more fancy. 5 minutes after the start of the movie, you just have to listen to the melody.

The main message of the movie was about the violence inside people. From the beginning of creation, man has survived by hunting. The violence started and since then. Day by day people wore the hat of civilization but could not forget that primitive violence. That's how much violence and barbarism there is among us, said director Lizo Jose Pillarsi.

Many people can't catch the main message of the movie, that's why they say it's a crappy movie.

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1 year ago