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A Historical Place

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2 years ago

I visited the Shat Gambuz mosque during the last Ramadan vacation. To visit the mosque I accompanied by one of my bosom friends went to Bagerhat. We stayed there for five hours and gathered a lot of experience by visiting the mosque.. It is the place of historical interest in Bangladesh. We got much historical information of the famous moaque. The mosque has glorious historical precedents. In the mid of 15th century, a Muslim Colony was found in the inhospitable mangrove forest of the Sundarbans near the sea Coast of Bagerhat district by a saint Ulugh Khan Jahan. He is the earlier touch bearer of islam. The mosque impresed me very much. The stately fabric of the monument stands by water tank. The mosque is roofed over witg 77 squat domes including 7 chauchala or four sided domes in the middle domes. The vast prayer hall is provided with 11 arched door ways. It is the great place for the people who want to visit historic place.

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