What Is Freedom.social? What Is The 1776 Token?

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The Freedom.social platform is a freedom-minded project for people who desire to make a decision to live free from the coming world control system. 

In its own words, Freedom.social claims to be an independent social media ecosystem and a truth seekers research platform for people looking to expose the illusion of what we are told vs. reality-based truth.

With that in mind, Freedom.social is similar to YouTube, however, Freedom.social does not censor. The Freedom fortress platform aims to be a propaganda and fake news-free site. The web page states that privacy is a non-negotiable basic human right. Also, Freedom.social sets itself as a non-political platform. As stated, "The litmus test of a person who is awake is if you do not buy into the false left-right paradigm".

The ecosystem advocates agorism as introduced by the New Libertarian Manifesto of Samuel Edward Konkin III (SEK3).  So by definition, all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-establishment economics (or economic secession), engaging with aspects of non-violent revolution.

Hence agorism is a form of radical capitalism (with middlemen pushed further away). Thus Freedom.social welcomes the principle that "all peaceful human action which is forbidden by the State" must take place. SEK3 presented his strategy for achieving a libertarian society in his aforementioned manifesto.

The platform and the token

Since its genesis in 2018, the 1776 Token is self-styled to be used as money on the built-in FreedomMarket according to Kent Lewiss, CEO Worldwide Freedom Inc (dubbed @clarkzkent).

Still the platform did not get live yet as the designers prefer to wait for the collapse of manipulated cryptos first (BTC & ETH namely) to boost the value of the independent 1776 coin. Once it has arrived, the marketplaces shall circumvent to a degree the coming private blockchains.

Main 1776 platform landing view

The CEO claims that "central banks, corporate banks, corporations and governments have created a new global financial system and global payment system based on blockchain technology utilizing central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and decentralized cryptocurrencies that are approved to be traded on central bank controlled cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Coinbase). CBDCs and decentralized cryptocurrencies will be utilized as money to purchase products and services."

According to Kent Lewiss, "a company that was formed by the New York Federal Reserve, now a private company called Digital Currency Group (DCG) is controlled by the federal reserve. DCG controls Bitcoin by way of owning Blockstream, the core software development company for Bitcoin. 

AXA Strategic ventures also being a major investor in Blockstream, the CEO of AXA Strategic Ventures was also the long-term director of the Bilderberg Group. DCG owns Circle (Mark Carney CEO, see page 1) and Circle owns Poloniex. Circle owns USDC (US Dollar Coin) which has direct settlement to local bank accounts.

DCG owns Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in America. Coinbase has essentially become the regulatory arm of the SEC as they have approved over 40 decentralized cryptocurrencies to be traded on Coinbase and when doing so puts them through SEC regulations."

The 1776 Token works with the Quark lightweight algorithm (more on this cryptographic hash function).

1776 Token Specifications

The presale has been mined internally (blocks 1-10080) thereby creating the initial supply. This preliminary work was carried out to ensure and guarantee network integrity and stability. For that, 10% of 1776 Tokens, or 17,760,000 tokens were allotted to founders to develop the 1776 Token and develop the Freedom.social and FreedomTube platform. Leaving an available 159,840,000 tokens available.

1776 is giving away 10 free coins to 10,000,000 people, after achieved, this will provide the second-largest blockchain in the world, only second to Bitcoin. When 1776 enters the exchanges, the plan is to have a minimum of one million wallets downloaded, thus establishing value.

159,840,000 minus 100,000,000 tokens given away leaves 59,840,000 available for the 1776 Token Pre-sale. If available tokens are not sold in the pre-sale, the remainder of 1776 Tokens will be sold on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

The long-term success of 1776 heavily depends on Surmising. Once the large unstoppable blockchain level is obtained, and the 1776 Token is used as money and the 1776 Token circumvents Private Blockchains, the 1776 Token should have a high valuation.

The current price of a 1776 Token is $0.25.


1776 is based on cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology which many features are not available in most other cryptocurrencies. These features are services provided by a third party private network of semi-centralized masternodes which provide crucial services such as:

1) Decentralized blockchain & 1776 utility cryptocurrency: Blockchain-based asset that one buys with the intention to use in the future.

2) Masternodes: These are incentivized nodes (servers) that receive rewards based on their availability and their ability to offer network services in a decentralized and trust-less manner. Running a masternode requires locking 4000 SSS collateral (1776 tokens) for as long as you choose to run the masternode and allows the owner to vote on development proposals. Then the current price per 1776 Masternode is $1000.00 plus $200.00 installation fee and hosting fee per Masternode or $1200.00 in total. Masternodes are the heart of a Proof of Stake network as they work 27/7/365. More information here.

3) QuickTransact: Instant transactions featuring guaranteed zero-confirmation transactions. QuickTransact transactions are confirmed and
spendable within seconds which are guaranteed by the network of masternodes. There is no need to wait for multiple confirmations to be confident in the validity of the transaction.

4) Obfuscation: The 1776 Token provides anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology. Obfuscation is a mixing mechanism based on a decentralized approach facilitated by the network of masternodes. This furnishes an additional layer of privacy in transactions, while not completely private, this approach is better than the standard bitcoin transaction that provides a 0.5% chance of de-anonymizing an individual transaction that was mixed with 8 rounds of Obfuscation.

5) Proof of Stake: The miner is built into the wallet and validates block transactions according to how many coins are held on the wallet plus it takes zero resources. The more coins owned by a wallet, the more mining power it holds. With Proof of Stake mining is called “Staking”, the more 1776 Tokens in a wallet the higher the odds are it will receive “Staking Rewards”.

1776 is the first proof of stake cryptocurrency to be based on the version 0.10 or higher Bitcoin codebase. The PoS structure does not use coin age, meaning you must keep your wallet open at all times, resulting in more constantly available nodes which strengthen the network.

6) Private blockchain: Cryptocurrencies must have their own private blockchain that is built into the wallets (Installing the desktop 1776 wallet). Any cryptocurrency that has a public blockchain can be read, tracked and taxed, no matter if you are using a cryptocurrency with obfuscation.

1776 wallet interface

Freedom.social is giving away 10 free tokens to 10 million people to make it affordable, unstoppable and create a very large private blockchain.

1776 must have a use case and be used as money on the private and decentralized FreedomMarket (when online). All end users are paid in 1776 to post, like, share, view and refer on Freedom.social and FreedomTube.social.

One end goal is to achieve marketing and distribution on Christian organizations worldwide with the potential to expose the ideas and the 1776 token to millions of people.

More information: Freedom Currency Inc. | info@freedom.social  | kent@freedom.social


Freedom.social goal is a commendable initiative and lucid on tokenomics. The compensation ecosystem, the wallet and the token exist. There is a video platform with a lot of alternative savvy content and live events on the project. There is also a ton of documents and video support to guide newcomers into the 1776 platform (even though it is overwhelming and not always very clear). One can join an action event or participate in a blog. Users are paid to post, react, share, view and refer family and friends.

On the downside, the site is slow to load new pages. It is also hard to look for another user or simply send a private communication with the onboard encrypted messaging. The marketplace and the exchange are still in progress since 2018 so it is puzzling at best. The founder claims that these products will end their gestation once Bitcoin and all other major governed crypto altcoins will collapse. This is a far-fetched abstraction except if the theory that BTC is institution-controlled came to be true. It is thus a radical and hard bet on the future of decentralized digital coins as a whole. Should the main crypto be a zombie of the FED or any other state-sponsored central banks, then there will already be an ecosystem arch to rescue holders and electronic savings. It is a paranoid view but one never knows with the BTC well-recognized high volatility.

Is it a scam? Maybe. If so, developers put a hard effort to trick internauts to dive into their scheme. 1776 universe looks like the Pi network except you do not need to push a daily notification to mine Pi. Instead, end-users have to install their desktop wallet to store their utility tokens after cashing out at least 100 tokens. Anyway, the price of the token is backed by nothing substantial. There is no information about collateral or gold/fiat supporting supply by the team. On the other hand, it is nowhere more risky than Pi. And the news from the feed and video contents are narratively close to what is found on Odyssey or Rumble, Bitchute. 

About the 1776 trending popularity and adoption? Hundreds of thousands of accounts are registered on the platform at least. A mobile app is available for Android and coming soon for IoS. It is not possible yet to toggle a dark mode, use traduction assistance, or even use a real app. The app logo is simply a shortcut link to the platform. There is a lot of documentation about the insanity of the current economic system, the undermining of the main cryptocurrencies by financial institutions but way less clarity to guide new joiners. There is no Telegram channel or other integrated way to assist followers. Not truly groundbreaking but if the team behind the project starts working further, and their fiat collapse premise comes into reality, 1776 is promising. 

Honestly, the Pi network project looks more trustworthy so if anyone was not comfortable with Pi then they should avoid 1776. However, there is nothing to lose to keep an eye on Freedom.social as long as one collects its utility tokens. The wallet is neat and well-conceived. The project gives the impression of a highly unfinished business aiming at a beautiful destination.If I was a judge and had to rule this case, my first impression is that there is indeed a substantial matter to trial the "revolutionary convict". Yet I would argue the sentence is still pending due to lack of forensic evidence on the token. And the defendant has good points. By the end of the year or a close future, the token has to deliver clarity and a better result though.

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