An Introduction To The Netbox Browser

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If you already know the Brave Browser (or Bittube), you are then aware of the rewards it provided via web browsing and earning BAT tokens with ads. This is a great way to reward your online activity and/or send donations to your best content creators. 

You can now monetize your web activities with this new web browser competitor: Netbox (based on the integrated Netbox.Global blockchain).

Indeed, it is now possible to surf the web with the Netbox browser and collect Netbox coin cryptocurrency (NBX) in your web-based Netbox.Wallet.

Unlike Brave or the classic other browsers, Netbox delivers rewards for the time you spend browsing the internet, not primarily for the ads you get.

The interesting point is that Netbox.Global is offering 20 NBX coins for the first new 125 000 community members in a limited airdrop. 

So if you want to be one of the lucky new members, download Netbox and create your Netbox wallet to receive the 20 NBX coins.

On coinmarketcap, the Netbox coin price is currently valued at $0.07241 and ranked 1246 (maximum supply of 100,000,000 NBX, circulating Supply: 77,441,169 NBX).

As always, one can also share his own referral link and if your link followers download and create their Netbox wallet, you both earn 1 NBX coin each. Plus, each of you makes an extra 9 NBX after the first month of using the Netbox browser. 

For followers, there are also weekly (3 NBX) and monthly (6 NBX) activity Rewards as stated on the Netbox site. More details on their bonus page.

Netbox is designed to run faster and better with a growing number of new joiners who actively uses the browser and earns NBX in proportion to their time online.

Noteworthy, the Netbox.Browser is a Proof-Of-Stake blockchain node so one can earn regular income by installing a masternode. You will need to allocate 10000 NBX to start the process. More information here.

Furthermore, the NetBox ecosystem consists of an overwhelming array of products: distributed apps accessible on the (installed as a special add-on on the browser), a news channel, a chat, a lottery, cross-chain bridges towards Ethereum and Binance protocols, Netbox.DeFi dApp (for instance, to stake your NBXs; still being developed), a future payment system and many other utilities. 

For privacy purposes, an untraceable internet is enabled thanks to Netbox.Proxy to break access limitations imposed by intermediaries. This is one of the benefits of setting up the Netbox masternode network.

Aiming at being transparent and self-regulated, the Netbox.Global blockchain emerges as an ambitious and reckless new player in the blockchain world. 

TLDR: Think inside the Netbox and give it a hands-up!

PS: For network engineers, Netbox must not be confused with the open-source network web application homonym.

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