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Tipestry ~ Tutorial to navigate through the platform

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1 year ago

I trust we are doing extraordinary. Many of us are using and to earn BCH by posting contents.

So here is another way to earn DOGECOIN by posting and writing things of your choice. The name of the platform is Tipestry. If you aren't there earlier sign up here.

Once you have signed up your home page will look like this.

You can see in the picture

  • Tip

  • Writing pen

  • Home

  • Notification πŸ””

  • Three dots on the right-hand side.

  • And three lines on the left-hand side.

Let's explain this,

When you will press tip it will lead you to the home page the one is shown in the picture πŸ‘†

Writing pen would open a new tab like this πŸ‘‡ where you would need to put a URL or a picture. Without URL or uploading a picture you won't be able to post.

You can post pictures, write-ups, and links to your posts. I mean cross-publishing. It would increase the exposure of your post. And also help others to sign up and make some money. Just like I posted my links there πŸ‘‡

Tipestry admin will tip you according to the contest you are posting in dogecoin. Also, your friends can tip you too if they like to.

Like something about the top hashtags on the platform. Click on the three lines on the left-hand side and it will show you the top hashtags.

You can see the doge tip by tipestry admin to one of my recent posts.

Weekly giveaways!!!!

If you are active on the platform posting and commenting you will get some dogecoin for your weekly engagement. They are a bonus. You can say extra money for your account activity on the platform. I don't know the exact amounts because I am not much active there but it's something I received in dodge coin πŸ‘‡

Also, you can participate in most of the week events to get up to 200 doge if you are among the winners. After pressing this statement or image you will be directed to the contest post. πŸ‘‡

Dogecoin is an ERC20 token and many of us have earned profits from the recent surge in the price of dogecoin.

The current prices of the token look like this πŸ‘‡

Also, you will get paid for each valid referral for the platform.

Click the link below your profile picture to get the referral link.

Hope the tutorial is helpful. Feel free to ask anything about the platform. I would answer if I am familiar with the same.

Join telegram group of tipestry where the announcement of winners is made weekly.

Thank you for your eyes on my article. Be a part of #club1BCH hold your BCH until it gives you the profits you deserve.

All the images are property of Β©Mahnoor Danish. The logo used is for #Club1BCH.

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Written by Β Β 34
1 year ago
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Do you believe is worth the effort and how much you can expect from that platform?

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1 year ago

I don't know exactly. But it's best to use it if you want to promote your own projects. The more the likes on the post the more the dogecoin. Also, it depends on the quality. It's better to have something than nothing ;)

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1 year ago