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My today ~ Travel to LOC

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1 year ago

Greetings fam!!!

I am an ordinary sort of person who always prefers family, friends, and colleagues to win. I don't care much about money nor I thrive hard to find it. Because I believe in God he knows and I am blessed with a job and financial stability from my family.

As per my day is concerned I am a school teacher and government employee and when it comes to a day I wake up early for prayer. After prayer, I used to check my mobile notifications and emails to see if there is anything important for the day. I try to check my all social accounts to see what's happening.

Secondly, breakfast is never missed here Hehehe. Healthy life. After having breakfast I left for school and the rest of the day is decided to go with what's coming around. Because I am a focal person for a center and I can't decide the things on my own.

Sometimes I am called for meetings and training and sometimes easy for a week.

So my days come with a chill and kill theme. I am supposed to write about my today so let's start in here. 👇

We all know and believe in the importance of family. Sometimes it's necessary to spend time with family in the form of outings or maybe at home. cooking good food and watching a movie together.

So we planned to have fun with the family. It wasn't pre-decided but a sudden suggestion from my cousins and uncle.

Usually, I start my day with prayer but today I wasn't able to offer my morning prayer as I wasn't able to wake up early. I slept too late the previous night the rough guess is 3:00 AM. And it made me skip my prayer which was supposed to be held at 6:00 AM at my place.

I begged forgiveness for this sooner I opened my eyes. And my sister informed me about the trip we were speculated to have today. I got up and had breakfast. It was like a slight dose hehe. A cup of tea prepared with love and a bread slice with zero calories.

Had a bath and dressed in white. I love two colors white and black most mmm yellow too hjem

Then I asked my sister what is the iconic spot and she told me it's the LOC line of control (a broader line between two counter is separating was between Pakistan and India Roland I was dressed up totally in the opposite manner.

It made me change my dress again Hehehe. And I put on the white gain with some joggers and jeans to make myself comfortable with the travel.

I was looking like this 👇

Cute Nah? 🙈

Mmmmmm, we left home at 1:00 PM and reached there at 2:00 PM. Two of us left to bring food and the rest of the family moved to have fun in the grassland. There were swings, zoo animals, and a walking track (I love to walk so mentioning it).

Here is my walk video with my younger sister 🙈👇

I was having fun on swings while my sister captured me and it remained the best memory of the trip 👇

We moved to have fun at the river and stored the memories in the form of videos and pictures. Sun was about to set and it gave the best view with water.

We reached LOC and had fun there. Anthem of both nations were played and we renewed our patriotism. Army Corps played guard of honor for the flag and the ceremony ended in one hour. Here are some pictures from the scenes.

My younger sister 👆

The fish we had in the meal 👆

In the picture, it's stated that "Punjab is my heart". I belong to punk a province of Pakistan so I captured it.

After this, we returned home and had tea. Everyone was sharing their best moments, pictures and the home was loud with voices.

I offered my prayer afterward and then checked Discord's tiger trend to see what's new for me for the day. Having chatted with my people in the family channel I switched to read. cash to write something about the surged prices of the doge and was successful.

Why crypto is too volatile?

This is how my day ended up with blessings and love. This post is written to share at the hive and inspiration is from the BD community at the hive.

Thank you for reading. And thank you @TheSnarfy and @bmjc98 for sponsorship.

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Written by   34
1 year ago
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Hurrayy! A day with beloved ones ^^

I would love to see Pakistan, maybe one day after this pandemic :I

Thanks dear for sharing with us😏

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1 year ago

You are cordially welcome 😻 Why making these faces 😹 I wish the pandemic is over soon

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1 year ago