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My first childhood sport

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1 year ago

Childhood is the most fascinating period in one's life. Where we aren't punished for making mistakes yet instructed politely. We grow to learn, making, and avoiding mistakes.

Everyone has their memories from childhood. I too have some fun things to remember from that period. Today I am gonna explain about my favorite sport of my childhood.

I remember when we were living in a joint family and had a large number of cousins to play with. We were usually playing cricket as it was easy to play and understand. So it remained my,

First childhood sport.

How I was playing it in childhood

I was fond of playing and watching cricket. My grandfather was a commentator for this sport. Whenever there was a national or international match he always updates us and makes us understand what's going on in the game.

I and my cousin sisters and brothers used to play cricket, in the same manner, it was being played on tv. I always begged for playing at first because they all run after batting and no one dares to bowl as I was the best hitter of my time so it was me asking for the first turn always. And always failed to convince them.

There was a rule for my house. No play until all the homework is done. so I excitedly attempt my assignment for that I could enjoy the game afterward.

I played cricket in the garden of my house and the street of my colony a lot of times. Yet for a competition, I played for the very first time when It was sports day at my primary school and I was selected as a player for my team.

I was good with the bat however too bad with the ball. To my great surprise that day I performed so well with the ball instead of the bat and we won that match with a lead of 72 runs.

Every one of us was blessed with an honorary prize and here it is for me. I was more than happy after receiving this.

My favorite players from this sport

Being a Pakistani, I have an emotional attachment with this sport as we never miss any match when our team is playing anywhere in the world. But for my favorite player, I always counted Shahid Afridi as my admired ones. He is the motivation behind my better performance with the bat. From the international team's kris gyle is the most cherished player. He belongs to the West Indies cricket team and he is too good with the bat.

What I was doing when I was alone in the house?

Cricket is a group game. We can't okay it alone. So there must be another option for a person to kill the boredom and refresh moods.

For this purpose, I always used to play badminton. It's the best way to kill time when no one is around. Whenever I became sad or over-sensitive I used to play this game to calm myself. If you wanna guess how do I look that time, it's most probably like this 👇

So these are the two games I used to play in my childhood. I got too excited for cricket matches but not with the same frequency I existed in childhood.

I have smiles on my face while writing this and remembering the beautiful experience of my childhood sports.

Thank you for reading. You can share your favorite sport in the comment section.




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Written by   34
1 year ago
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