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1 year ago

Greetings readers. Hope you are doing extraordinary. I am a user of read cash for a week. Thought to put forward a simple introduction regarding WHO I am.

So let's start,

As per the username, my name remains Mahnoor Danish. A young lady of 25 years. I belong to Punjab Pakistan. More precisely Lahore is like my native city. It's the most populated city in the province with a lot of opportunities and educational facilities. It's also called the city of colleges. I love my place for its beauty and richness of life.

As much as my qualification and profession are concerned. I am a government employee in the education department for the last three years. It's my passion to educate and help others with all the resources I have with me.

For my liking and dislikings, I am an unpretentious person who doesn't know how to dislike things or person hehehe. I always tried spreading love and spread around the corner. You will feel at home with me hehe. Don't mind 😁

From foods, I love pizzas and fries. It seems crazy but it's my favorite combination. I know a lot of people love to eat and bake pizzas. But I am only good at eating 🙈.

Don't be so curious I am coming there hehe. My crypto journey started when I joined Uptrennd last year in late June. I was 24 years old yet feeling like a baby who is born and sent to bring milk for him/herself hehehe. Strange Nah? It was me. I discovered crypto last year and turned on my mind to a whole new world.

Uptrennd deals with erc20 token named 1up and you can earn by posting your original quality contents. Lately I joined the, tipesry, and many others. And also from where I am hehe.

I am less than a year old in crypto and learning a lot. Every day a new thing got added to my vocab and my cognitive dictionary from this world.

My favorite cryptocurrencies

Everyone loves cryptocurrency right? It's a form of money which can make you richer and poorer too. Hehe. So for this, you need to be wisest among all. I wasn't believing crypto since the last bull. It's paying off to true holders and investors.

Among all currencies I know I love BCH at the top because of its lowest and cheapest transactions. I am holding it since it was at 200$ or less maybe.

Eth is better but it cost too much in terms of the fee. I am HODLING ETH, BCH, 1UP, BTC, BOLT, TRX, DOGE, and some other SLP cryptocurrencies. Because in crypto the more you HODL the more you are blessed.


  • Buy the dip.

  • Sell the bull.

  • Be patient.

  • Don't attach your emotions with crypto.

  • Trade the token when you are fully aware of it.

  • Start trading from a lower amount.

  • Believe in crypto.

  • HODL as much as you can.

  • Don't grow alone, pull others with you.

  • The more you explore the more chances to win.

  • Explore, learn, earn, invest, and repeat the circle.

    It was all about me and my experience in the crypto world. Let's grow together with the vision of win.

    Thank you for reading. Keep on visiting.

Your friend,

©Mahnoor Danish.

Bitmojis are created by me.

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Written by   34
1 year ago
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Hello and nice to meet you! I'm 26 so we are around the same sage! I too am only good at eating pizza, not so good at making it. 😂

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1 year ago

Hahaha welcome home then😁 Which flavour do you like most?

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1 year ago

All the toppings!!! Cheese, pepperoni, onion, green peppers, mushroom, and olives. :) I'm not picky. :)

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1 year ago

Hahaha seems you love it in all coming forms 😁

I love with olives.

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1 year ago