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Excited about new things or not?

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1 year ago

As a child, everything excites us. We all try to be naughty and ambiguous, sometimes this leads to the discovery of a new event or happenings and vice versa. 

I am confessing today, I love to adopt change and take risks like investing in unknown crypto hehehe. (It's for now). 

Since childhood, I prefer my perception, and when it fails I adopt something from fellow peers and colleagues.

But when I tried something new successfully it always gave a sense of pride in myself. I felt much more motivated and confident than before. 

People used to say, 

Nothing comes from the comfort zone. 

And I believe this. Where there is a will there is a way. The more we explore and embrace opportunities and ideas either generated from our minds or our surroundings the more we get chances to gain. 

I remember when I was a child in my school during exams no one was allowed to enter without a clipboard and shoes. 

I saw a baby child crying at the school door for a clipboard and was barefooted. I promptly offered both types of equipment ( necessary to enter into exams hall), to that child and lately, the teacher agreed to place me in the exam hall with a delay of half-hour as punishment.

I was successful in exams and in accepting the challenge for humanity hehe. 

It's little yet something daring to the rules which later make me proud. 

Have you ever felt like trying new things? I mean attempting paper without clipboard and shoe hehe. If yes share your experience that how you felt after trying new things. 


©Mahnoor Danish.

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