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A hunger cat 🐈

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4 months ago

As it is well said

"Hunger is the basic need of everything"

In this regard I can tell you a story.

Today I am passing through a lonely place .It seams that their is no life exist here but when I moved ahead. There are some trees are present where I take rest in their shadows as temperature was high.While I am taking rest I heard a hopeless and helpless sound of cat.I am curious that what is happening.In these trees a cat is lying which is unable to walk . I also unable to learn that what the actual matter is with this cat.I carry him with my self and continue my journey

While during journey his innocent and with full of pain voice makes me very uncomfotable but I continue my journey.His helpless voice makes my heart melt.

After the travel of 2 hours I reached to my destination.

When I let her to go,His physical condition not good so when I took some water and kept it in front of her it looks that her voice converts into happiness.It seems that His body has life.He drink much and then I know that actually she is hungry and in that place there is nothing to eat and drink.So this condition is due to that reason.then I gave some milk so her energy build and makes a video.

I captured this video so that people can see how hunger makes a lively thing turn into death۔How is the emotion and response of your body when you are so hungry they you are near the death zone and you are given such type of feed like milk۔۔Certainly it's not any boundri that can lemitized your joy and feeling of thankful for the person who have it to you۔۔it is as like as that anyone is drowning in a sea and when he is near the death he saw a boat and one man can prevent him from drowning.

As this site does not support video so I am putting some screenshot of that video here which are as follow

Humans serpenticy

The matter is not that I feed this hunger cat but the actual problem is that who has left this cat their where hard weather and no life is present.what about that man who does not thing for a while that this innocent cat is dead in that condition۔

In all together as human we are ashamed full in these things۔۔

After this I have some question that intriguing me

Is humanity still exist؟


how a man can do it؟

How he left an innocent cat in the face of death؟

These question makes myself ashamed to being a human😢😢😢😢😢

It must be remember that she was near the death but thanks for God that I am accidently passing from that place and in this way her life saved۔

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4 months ago
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