A candle is enough to light the whole world

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If there is darkness in a place. The next plan is what can be done to make light. Imagine if there are people all with a candle but no light or means to light. At that instance, there is curiosity about where do we get light. Because they want to see. However, if a person can light his candle. can you guess what will happen? of course, everyone can light.

Now let me paint a behind the scenes picture what if when he wants to get it lit others complain hahaha where are you going. Don't stress yourself, it is impossible. We are good these ways. Don't kill yourself for what is not achievable. But, fortunately, when you light the candle then the story changes you are a genius you are a God's sent you are this you are that.

Imagine everyone everywhere with their candles to light the world. Imagine if there is no one with the light. Imagine what will happen. Imagine how things will be.

Now, if he lights then a neighbour can, a friend can, a brother can, a child can, a nation can, a continent can, the whole world can.

Your candle is the solution you contribute to the darkness. problems of the world. imagine if someone among the chain of lightning fails to light or allows another to have light what will happen someone somewhere will not get light.

Like someone puts it. The world is imbalanced because. We fail to balance it with joint contributions.

imagine in an association of people who can but only a few shoulder the burdens. There will be an imbalance...why? it was not a joint effort. Some light but some hide their candles.

Carry your candle. Light yours first, because it gives hope for another to light. Carry your candle go light the world...carry your candle for the world to have sighted a sheer sight!

Maybe a quick one. Imagine you are playing a game of fixing a scattered part of a picture. Every time we light others. We put the parts in their Right places until a whole, sense-making, aesthetic, creative, admirable, catchy and amazing pictures.

I think you get it now. The candle or the picture? Don't hesitate to contribute your part to the world.


Let's start. I think you have heard it. You get what you see. Another one, what you conceive is what you receive.

Oh! I am not done. Think it and take it.

Ok, Enough of a quotable quotation. Now see it. Expect what you prospect. Calm down! I don't mean to drop another for fun but to find one close to the topic. Imagine a boy that wants an apple fruit and decides to get it on a tree close to him. What he does is normal for all. Then he takes it further by going to the tree, find a stick enough to pluck the fruit or stone to bring it down.

When he eventually gets the fruit. He will be happy and be fed. So is everyone that expects. The story of the boy now analyzed.

I want an apple. Expectation

I know where it is or lemme look for where it is. Inspection. Attempt to get the fruits. Projection, circumspection. Getting the fruit. Respect a feeling of importance and being fulfilled. Finally, you will get the desired respect result.

In summary, don't just expect...inspect...then project circumspectly and get the results. Or put another way, add to Faith. Force and then get fame and fulfilled.


The world is full of evil already. We need a little act of kindness to make it habitable. Every day, you see what makes you moody, gets you thinking retaliation, violence. Just imagine if everyone acts negatively as they think. He is bad. He is stubborn. He is unfriendly. He is a gossip. And the list is endless.

And because of that, you retaliate. You do it "tit for tat". Yes, you are right no doubt. It is not easy to hold up anger forever. But bloody. But sista. Not always. To vent it but, be able to control it. All your habit is a weapon. It now depends on how you control it.

Help to lift someone spirit today. If you can't make him better, don't make him worse off. Please I am on my knees. I can't give you anything for now. But I can charge your soul. If we don't believe you. Bloody believe yourself. And we will later support you. The reality of life. Come and ask me

Little did I know. I  am now an emotional coach. You know Nah. You can tell

Happy Saturday of the month... See you there!


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