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What Makes You Smile

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1 month ago
August 8, 2022

It's a Monday, mostly the start of the work week and not to a few like me. Having my current work schedule makes me feel a bit lazy though I have to get up and keep going.

As I am choosing what should be my article for today, I found this site with some random questions about life. You can check on ME and I have chosen a few of those questions to answer today. Quite giving a few to know me more.


Is it important to love or be loved?

For me it is important to love and express it the way to want it. By giving love, you can be love back. But no matter what, giving your love is an extraordinary feeling that just waiting to be loved.

Who do you think stands between you and happiness?

Who refers not only to person thus I would say Time. Because time have all the possibilities to stand between me and happiness. If time stops, how could I be happy? Will I make it?

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Never trying, of course. How will you know you will fail or succeed without trying? Every try is worth every step to learn more along the way. So never trying is just like doing nothing. And how will you progress in life if you never try? How will you fail and learn how to stand again to try and be better? It is always worth trying than doing nothing.

What makes you smile?

Anything sweet for my I smile even on a tiny thing. I smile seeing the beauty around me that seems to lighten up my day and see my love ones around. It is not hard to make me smile because I always smile as I am grateful for the time being that I wake up with my family around.

Why do we think of others the most when they're gone?

We do think of them because we cannot give me love anymore. We remember them because they are part of our lives and that cannot be denied. Thus losing someone is so much painful.

Closing Thoughts

There are lots of questions in life to know more about a person. It also shows how it will turn the table with the way they will answer every of it.

Anyways, I just picked a few since I also have another work to do.

Thanks for reaching this far.

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Written by   54
1 month ago
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How will you fail and learn how to stand again to try and be better?

A very beautiful and thought-provoking question. I have always adviced people to try things even if they are afraid of failing, it's better to try and fail because you can learn from your mistakes. If we never try new things, we will never grow as a person and just remain in one spot

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1 month ago

Exactly, to risk and try is worth deserving when you get the best shot in life for doing so.

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1 month ago

Can I borrow some of the questions that you mentioned?

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1 month ago

Yes you can. Feel free to do so.

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1 month ago

Yey, thanks

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1 month ago