What If?

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9 months ago

There are many questions from my heart deep within. Those are my what ifs with that someone I love.

Just like ordinary couple,

We have ups and downs

We have laughter and tears

We do argue for some time

We do have many moments

that we can call trials..

But at the end of the day,

We have each others arms.

Though what if?

What if all falls apart?

What if the feeling is gone?

What if you found someone new?

Would you dare let me know?

Let me answer it for you, "NO".

Know why I say, NO?

Because my heart says so.

At times, I cry for no reasons

Or I am just being so denial

There are times I cried because I am hurting inside

I cry because I am afraid,

If you fall out of love

Will I still live again?

Where should i run?

Do have to be teared apart just like before?

Will I still manage to move on?

How can life be so unfair?

All these things are in heart

But I dont know at the end,

Will you still there to hold me?

I always thought of my what ifs before because of my insecurities. Though time teach me to learn how to love without being love in return.

Right now, no ifs and no buts.

Just love and everything follows.

Thanks for reading this poem.

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Poem is originally mine.

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9 months ago