Time Flies Too Fast

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7 months ago

Seconds, minutes and hours run too fast. Time passes by so fast in a blink of our eye.

I once just a student who visit Cebu to have my OJT (On-the-Job Training) but was hired earlier after taking the exam. I went back to Mindanao to march on my graduation and back here in Cebu again to start working.

CDO-Cebu Field Trip

Before having our OJT, our class got to travel Cebu and have a field trip. It was a short trip though and limited but we all got to glimpse the face of the Queen City of the South.

I have visited Cebu before during vacation. I can still remember some kilig moments one time when I saw my crush from Mindanao in a mall and he is also here for a vacation. He saw me and just say hi, me was with my Aunt and behave femininely.Lol

However, starting in the big company where I am at is quite of an adjustment. I mean, never had any idea how to be in such a huge company. Though with my Aunt's little help, it never give me difficulties then. That time my Aunt was pregrant of her 2nd child, my cousin. While I also babysit sometimes of her 1st born. I never feel homesick because of them.

My Cousin's Debut

Days, weeks, months turns to years. Then my cousin turns 18, really? Its been almost how many years? I am really too old, huh? This made me worry, time was too fast and I am still striving each day while others are making big and living great. But this is not a competition, I told myself. It is just, I have to look around if I still live healthy or not.

Working for many years, makes me see some people come and go. Some leave the country for greener pasture and some leave the world with some health conditions. And this alarms us all.

Over the past years, we enjoyed life. Parties we attended is enjoyable with foods and drinks. We party all night without time limit. Health is not an issue then. Though the past few years show us the passing of some friends with health conditions that was ignored.

I too must admit that I am not too health conscious before. I eat healthy foods but never take vitamins. Though when pandemic hits, I started buying out vitamins for the whole family strictly. I always scolded them just to remind their vitamins intake. Its kinda some of the oldies traits perhaps.

Now it has been two decades ago, huh? Already that long? Time really flies too fast. But this time, day after another, I hear someone's lose. It's really inevitable as time passes by. We may have ignore some things like our health true condition. Some may have taken care ahead theirs because they never ignore the changes and strange things that happens to their body.

We cannot stop time nor turn it back. We are here to live on and supposedly spend time wisely. If we fail to value time before, it is not to late yet. As long as we live, we have all the chances. Only God knows when our time ends here. So stop complaining, just pray and be thankful. Because we are still here and enjoying our time.

📷 Images from Unsplash and mine.

Thank you for taking your time to read this works of mine.

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7 months ago


I am inspired by your post. The truth is, at the right time, everyone would be great and doing good. We shouldn't compete with anyone but in everything, we should always be thankful to God and appreciate what we have

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7 months ago

Exactly, we are all great in different ways. We may have less or more but we are all equal human beings. Let us just enjoy our time on earth and be thankful.

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7 months ago