No More Softdrinks

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1 year ago
August 17-18, 2022 Wednesday

Softdrinks or Soda nowadays seems like water too. People drink so much and it is not even healthy.

A short definition from Wikipedia:

A soft drink is a drink that usually contains water, a sweetener, and a natural and/or artificial flavoring. The sweetener may be a sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, a sugar substitute, or some combination of these. Soft drinks may also contain caffeine, colorings, preservatives, and/or other ingredients.


Lately, people are complaining in our area that there is some shortage of Coca-cola products. Here in our area, people choose the coca-cola products softdrinks than the pepsi products. But if no coca-cola available, they will switch to pepsi as long as they can have some softdrinks.

For me, not a regular softdrinks drinker, I cannot feel the shortage since we can only drink softdrinks when there is a birthday or any occassions like feast. For daily usage, we only prefer water and water. Also because I want to be a bit health conscious about the sugar content that the softdrinks have. I have seen news about younger ones who have already pre-diabetes and I am afraid my children will soon be among them if I wont be cautious in our food and beverage intake.

About a few days ago, the top 3 softdrinks factory in our country announces the softdrinks shortage due to refined sugar unavailability. So the rumors are really true and I just laugh as my colleagues argue about it. I just listened to them since I am not a soda lover. But before I leave my post, I told them, its better that way so that people can live a few days being healthy. Then they all look at me. Hahaha..I thought they never saw me exist.

Anyways, I have read 13 reasons from healthline that softdrinks is bad for our health and I wanna share it all with you.

  • Sugary Drinks Do Not Make You Feel Full and Are Strongly Linked to Weight Gain

  • Large Amounts of Sugar Are Turned into Fat in Your Liver

  • Sugar Drastically Increases Belly Fat Accumulation

  • Sugary Soda May Cause Insulin Resistance — a Key Feature of Metabolic Syndrome

  • Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Be the Leading Dietary Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Sugary Soda Contains No Essential Nutrients — Just Sugar

  • Sugar May Cause Leptin Resistance

  • Sugary Soda May Be Addictive

  • Sugary Beverages May Increase Heart Disease Risk

  • Soda Drinkers Have a Higher Risk of Cancer

  • The Sugar and Acids in Soda Are a Disaster for Dental Health

  • Soda Drinkers Have a Drastically Increased Risk of Gout

  • Sugar Consumption Is Linked to an Increased Risk of Dementia

Seeing those reasons above, it is really good not to be a addictes to softdrinks or much better eliminated it. The reasons are too harmful for our health and seeing the not just the older ones consume lots of softdrinks everyday, it is really enough evidence why many are sick and have health problems nowadays. Thus no more softdrinks in our area nowadays is indeed a blessing in disguise.

To those who will say they cannot miss soda a day, now its the time to say, they will soon forget the soda each day. Because if there is no supply, people cannot demand for more since the shortage make takes some time and soon as the supply of soda will resume, we will soon get use to drinking water only and that is healthy. Will you agree with me?

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Thank you for reading this far. This is drafted yesterday and wasn't finished. Because I was soaked up from the heavy rain after work yesterday that it makes me go to bed too early to rest. Anyways, still trying more here and catching up because I miss seeing Rusty.

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1 year ago


Ahh, that's the reason.. Even here we experienced a shortage of soft drinks, so the price of soft drinks has also increased.. Rumors that the reason for the shortage is that the main plantation of coca cola was damaged..

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1 year ago

No it wasn't damage some ingredients were not available anymore. We have a colleague, her husband works in Coca-cola and we sometimes make joke because they have free sack of rice and high salary. But our colleague open-up about the no overtime there and shortage of softdrinks too.

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1 year ago