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Safety Health Protocols

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1 year ago

Covid-19 pandemic brings us more to be cautious in whatever we do.

As basics, we do wear face mask and wash our hands as needed and use alcogel/alcohol to disinfection our hands as needed too.

In our home, we do remind the kids always to wash hands regularly. Even they are just inside the house watching TV, they need to wash hands upon doing another thing or simple apply alcogel to their hands. Gladly, they follow and I am also reminding them if they already had taken their vitamins. To me, as a mother, I want not to be blame because my kids wasn't taking care of so well. So as long as they are okay and safe, I am relief. They are my priorities more as this pandemic hit the world.

In our workplace, it is so strict when it comes to health protocols. Even talking need to be avoided unless if it is work related. But the image I share is our resting area at workplace. We have distances between each chairs and have disinfection team to disinfect each chair after every use. Each chair have labels, finished disinfection and for disinfection labels. After every usage, we will flip back the label to red(for disinfection) so the disinfection team knows which one to disinfect and after he disinfect the chair, he will flip it back to finished disinfection. So another one can now use the said chair.

It is amazing we have all these safety health protocols. I just hope all will sustain this from home to work or anywhere else. Because it is for the good of everybody and not just for the few.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Hope this may help you in your community too.

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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