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Grow Old with Him

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1 year ago

I was broke many times and almost lost hope in life. I have loved yet not loved in return. Or perhaps it didn't work out well.

I am not the ugly duckling though, but i lack self-confidence. I am the silent one who settles not to dig out and shed those hidden tears. I was a bit secretive.

Until someone came my way, i was moving on and planned not into having a serious commitment. Though time heals all wounds and pains. It was in the most unexpected way. We met halfway our country, he was from the north and i am from the south. Opps, we are free to cross each other borders, just remind of a scene from some series.

Anyway, to make it short, God has given me the love of my life. He loves me so much that i dont expect i could have. He is not wealthy but we are happy. We have the ups and downs yet we are still together for more than a decade, 13 years and counting to be specific.

And now it is his born day, though we aren't fortunate this time to have enough, so i just want to write something for him. For the past years, i wrote for him and he reads it happily. Now, i wrote for him for the world to know how much he means to me. If i will have another lifetime, still, i will choose to grow old with him. He is there no matter what happens. He always loves me even at my worst. And he is the only one that i want to grow old with.

Hope we will have more years together. Through ups and down, i will always hold your hand.

Happy Birthday Dempsey!

This is me, at my not so best, though this is written from deep within.

I love you always.😘


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