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Antoinette - My Missing Name

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1 year ago

My name is Mae but I was born in June. It was the 13th of June, the feast of Saint Anthony. So my parents decided to name me after the patron saint. My father likes Antonia (old fashioned name here) yet he had a second thought that when I grow up with that name I will feel bad. They decided to find another name, it was Mae Antoinette, what a lovely name.

Ann or Mae-ann is the nickname they gave me. I grew up and used to be called with my nickname by our family and relatives.

Though when my birth certificate was registered, they only found out that the name they have given me was not totally followed. I was only registered as "Mae".

My name was registered and trying to change it was quite expensive and my parents cannot afford it. Then I was sent to school and followed the registered name.

When I was in school, they call me Mae, Maya or Mayang. Friends and classmates just call me whichever of the three.

It is already a practice on the first day of school every year, we always have to introduce ourselves in front of the whole class. It includes your name, your nickname or what name do you prefer to be called, your birthdate, where do you live, hobbies and other details you may want about yourself. After i introduce myself, they all get surprise how short my name is and they thought my birth month is in May only to find out it is ij June. Though as they ask, i will not answer them since it doesn't really connect why name is only 3letters: M-A-E.

my high school friends..

During my high school and college days, my friends called me the same. Then when they got the chance to visit our home, they were too shocked to hear my family call me Mae-ann. They keep asking me why when my name is only Mae.

From that onwards, I have learned to tell the story behind my name. Now i am here miles away from my hometown, still they asked me why. And since I am now earning maybe I could pay to return back the missing name. Though i love the Mae Antoinette, I was respected and being raised as Mae. I am here because I was named Mae and I think it would disrespect my parents if I will change my name to add up the missing one.

I have wish before that my name could have been Mae Antoinette, though I am thankful then that I was only named Mae. Because for sure, my parents get to teach me easily how to write my name without having headaches.

So for now, the missing name will remain the shadow of me behind every story and behind every screen name i will make in writing.

Hope i introduce myself vividly in this community. I may not be a professional writer, however i really tried to get my writings be appreciated. This is Mae signing my hands off.

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Written by   3
1 year ago
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