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Lot of happening in Refund Token. From Airdrop to Token burn

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In this post you will find the updates about RFND tokens and also let you how you can win RFND tokens.

Token Burn : 

10 Billion RFND tokens were permanently burned, Which accounted to be 10% of the total max supply (10% of total supply was burned ). RFND Team has plans to burn 35 Billion more tokens in next 3 yrs, which means RFND tokens would keep on burning till the maximum supply reaches to 55 Billion Tokens. You can expect the announcement on the days of burning tokens on special days , If you dont want to miss the updates you can join telegram group (Refund Group: )

Mint baton was destroyed, which means no new RFND token will ever be created. 

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Airdrop :

Renewable Cash and Refund Token community got an exclusive airdrop for holding tokens in their wallets.

1 million RNEW tokens were shared among RFND holders.

140 million RFND were shared among RNEW holders.

Airdrop in RNEW is equal to approx. 0.09 BCH satoshi per each RFND. Everybody holding in their wallet got the airdrop, even people with 100 RFND got 0.06 RNEW. 

Perceptual profit depends on the price when a token holder purchased RFND. 

For someone who got RFND Token for 0.44 satoshi BCH is around 20%.
For someone who got it for 0.9 satoshi BCH is 10%
For someone who got it at 1.12 satoshi BCH is around 8%

Which means RFND holders got Minimum of 8% profit from this airdrop.

Currently each RFND token is valued at 1.12 satoshi BCH. This is already 500% increase vs Feb. 25th, 2020.

Where to buy RFND tokens ?

You can buy RFND token on

Have more questions on Refund project ?

Want to win some tokens? 

Participate in our Trading Demo Contest and chance to win RFND

What are the rewards?

1st place: 9,000,000 RFND 

2nd place:4,500,000 RFND

3rd place: 2,000,000 RFND

4th place: 1,000,000 RFND

5th place:  500,000 RFND.

Its highly recommended to take advantage of this contest. Its for fun and also it would help you learn about Trading.

How can i participate in this contest ?

Telegram group:

Note : Contest till  Wednesday on July 1, 2020.

Twitter : @RfndToken
Telegram group:

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