How to write on WhatsApp with colored letters

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Modify your WhatsApp texts to give your discussions more color. We clarify how for write with colored letters in the application.

Text customization choices in WhatsApp are restricted. The informing stage provides us with the chance of composing with strong, strikethrough text, italics, and considerably more, yet to write on WhatsApp with hued letters you need to depend on outsider applications, on the grounds that the application doesn't have that device.

Luckily, in the Google Play Store, there are a few applications that permit us to play with the text that we write on WhatsApp. We have chosen the most ideal choices, which have a straightforward point of interaction and simple to utilize. If you have any desire to give a little color to your talks, you simply need to download any of these free applications to accomplish it. Customize your WhatsApp discussions by figuring out how to write with colors.

Best applications to write on WhatsApp with colored letters

Composing with colored letters on WhatsApp is conceivable, however there are various subtleties that we should consider. The first of them is the one the quantity of varieties accessible in the applications we discuss next is restricted. Likewise, most applications that offer this choice have advertisements so it turns into a piece irritating to utilize them. In the event that notwithstanding these subtleties, you need to have a go at composing with colors on WhatsApp, we will let you know all that you really want to be aware of applications that permit it.

  • Bluewords

  • Stylish Text

  • Fonts


The primary application that we need to suggest is called bluewords and you can download it totally for nothing from the Google Play Store. Whenever you open it, you will find lots of various text Fonts that you can use to write on WhatsApp or in some other application. the main you will see It's classified "Blue Letters" and, as its name recommends, it permits you to write blue variety text. BlueWords likewise gives you the choice to write white letters with a dark foundation through the Fonts "Dim Round Letters" and "Dull Square Letters". You simply need to tap on the one you like the most and write the text you need to partake in the text field. Consequently, you will see a review in the top bar. On the off chance that you like the last debut of the text, you can duplicate it to the clipboard or offer it straightforwardly by means of WhatsApp. In any case, you should remember that relies upon the gadget that has the beneficiary the way that he can peruse the letters with colors or not. Incidentally, this application has advertisements.

Stylish Text

One more great application to write colored letters on WhatsApp is Stylish Text, which you can likewise introduce on your Android portable without paying anything. Whenever you open the application, you will find a rundown of the multitude of Fonts that make up its index. What intrigues us, for this situation, is the number 5, a textual style with a blue framework and a white fill. For this situation, you should write the text straightforwardly at the highest point of the application, in the field that expresses "Write here".

Enter the text you need to modify there and you will actually want to see its appearance in the changed organizations. Then, at that point, go to number 5 and tap on the WhatsApp symbol on the option to share it on the informing stage. Once more, assuming the other client has an unsupported gadget, for example, an iPhone, they can not see the first tasteful of your message. Once more, we track down advertisements in the application, in spite of the fact that they are not excessively irritating.


The last suggestion we need to make it's called Fonts and it's additionally free. While opening it interestingly, the main thing we find is a promotion. Following a couple of moments, we at long last access the inventory of text Fonts that the application offers us. There are many choices accessible, albeit the one that intrigues us is the final remaining one, with the format in blue and the inside in white. As in the past application, the main thing you need to do is write the text in the "Your Text Here" bar. Thusly, you will perceive the way that text thoroughly searches in the various Fonts. Thereafter, you will just need to tap on the button to one side of the source to duplicate the text or offer it through WhatsApp.

Text styles likewise offer us one more choice to write letters with colors on WhatsApp. It's through one of the tabs at the base, the one with the letter An and a pen symbol. here we can write text and select our desired variety Be that as it may, for this situation, what is made is a picture wherein the text you have made shows up, you can't straightforwardly share the letters. As may be obvious, the choices for composing with colored letters on WhatsApp are, right now, restricted. All things considered, it is intriguing to have the option to depend on these free applications to customize the text and give another "look" to our discussions.

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