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Cursed Earth and the secret of 13 souls

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4 months ago

In 1975, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, residents woke up to a horrific event, as one of the giant skyscrapers burned, and there were 756 people in it, half of whom were injured, while 189 were hacked to death.

The people of the city said that the land itself was cursed by death and suicide

People noticed the fire and called the fire department, but in just half an hour the lights had spread all over the building and trapped the people inside.

The doors were closed because it caught fire, so people tried to escape from the windows, and some of them managed to escape, but others were prevented by the fires between them and their escape.

By midday, the fire was over, and the rescue forces managed to enter, and they said the death toll was 189

Cursed Earth:

When the rescue forces moved from room to room to count the number of victims, they found victims, but some victims gained more fame than others

It was the one that was found inside the elevator. It was closed tightly, and they could only open it with great difficulty. When they managed to open it, the scene was horrific, as they found a group of charred victims stuck together and they could not count them easily and it turned out that their number was 13

No one came to receive the bodies of any of them, and the bodies remained for a long time in the mortuary, and in the end they were buried in St. Peter's cemetery.

It was called the tomb of the 13th soul

However, this story is contradicted by another story:

Rescue teams found 13 bodies in the elevator, and they were not burnt except for the heat that was in the elevator that was enough to melt them.

This incident became a miracle for the residents, as the cemetery in which these bodies were buried is a religious place for the residents to go to to be blessed.

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4 months ago
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