Medium Family-Two Dream Cars comparison.

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Hi all of you, today i am here to say you about car.All people love car right? They have some dream that in a lifetime they will buy a car and ride on it. LIKE ME. I am from a medium family and i wish i had a car too and its not possible now because i am still studying.

Today i am going to show you the comparison between 2 cars and you decide which one is best even if you don't like that we are comparing Toyota Vios and Honda City Rs. I hope you all love this car too like me and in a lifetime,i will surely buy this car whatever new model comes that time.

The 2019 Toyota Vios has become the overlooked vehicle in the B-class. When the 2020 Honda City is delivered, you can see that the 2020 Nissan Almera is totally new in the whole vehicle.

In the main quarter of 2020, Toyota Vios deals tumbled from the best five reduced vehicles. Indeed, even the sub-brands Suzuki Ciaz and Mitsubishi Attrage have a lot less expensive valuing systems.

Vios has 3 seed models. Beginning from the section model, the cost is 60,900 baht, the medium-sized model is 69,900 baht, and the most elevated model is 78,900 baht. This is the thing that we need to contrast and the market contender Honda City 1.0 The most recent rendition, Top RS, estimated at 7.39 million baht.

Wow This is a perfect car for all the medium family.and i also want to show you the front looks,

Its perfect right? Now lets talk about the Security system it has and here we go

Security system:

The safety system of 2020 Honda City Rs is as follows.

-6 airbags, including front airbags, front side airbags and side curtain airbags
-Anti-lock brake system and braking force distribution system (ABS and EBD)
-Help to control the balance when turning (VSA)
-Hamp start assist (HSA)
-Automatic emergency light (ESS) during emergency braking
-Rear view camera, 3-level viewing angle adjustment
-The front seat belt can be automatically pulled back
-Front seat belt 3:2 position
-3 point 3-position seat belt
-Anti-theft security key system with alarm system
-ISOFIX and child anchor

From a security system perspective, the newer the City, the better the equipment. The airbag has 6 positions and has a system to help start on steep slopes. Other safety features are considered sufficient for normal use.

Now, Lets talk about the Toyota Vios and this is also one of the awesome car lets look some figures/pictures.

Lets have some other pictures also, with different colors and you may loved it. Hope so , 😁

Lets discuss about security features about this car and there we go.

The safety system of Toyota Vios Model High is as follows.

-The front SRS airbag has 2 positions
-Reverse gear signal
-Rear view camera
-ABS/EBD brake system and BA brake booster system
-VSC stability control system
-TRC flywheel protection system
-Front seat belts with automatic rearward pull ELR 3 o'clock 2 position
-Rear seat belt 3 points ELR 3 positions

Overall, this car is also perfect for middle class family right

I want to say that it depends upon you which obe you prefer the most and which you want to buy.These two car is my dream. Hope god will fullfill my desire

Price of the Car

Toyota Vios high model price 789,000 baht

Honda City Model RS price 739,000 baht

Conclusion at last:

The installation of the 1.5-liter engine makes the price of Vios higher than anyone else. The price of entry-level models exceeds 600,000 baht, which is a disadvantage for attracting customers' attention; on the other hand, people looking for Toyota cars will not hesitate to choose an eco-friendly car like Yaris. A hatchback, or Yaris Ativ sedan, is more affordable than 1.2-liter power and is enough for use in cities.

Even compared with all the functions of the City 2020, Vios will cost more than one thousand, but the choice is not superior at all. Consumers on a budget often choose City SV or Almera VL, which are top-of-the-line products at a price of 6.39,000 baht. But if the budget is 800,000 baht, they may grit their teeth and turn to the compact car market, which usually starts at 80,000-90,000 baht.

So hope you loved my article and thanks for loving me and my article. God bless you ❣💕💕

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