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Supernatural 15-15-327

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After what feels like an eternity of fighting every form of supernatural creatures and monsters to fighting with God, Sam and Dean's journey so far is finally at rest. The Winchester brothers signed off in the series finale where Dean died during a Vampire hunt and bidding an early emotional goodbye to his junior brother Sam, who lived on, married, had a son and grew old. He later died and was reunited with his brother in heaven.

I have been a Supernatural fan for 7 years.

Though it's been 15 years since Supernatural premiered (it is officially the longest-running series to air on network television), I have followed the adventures of the monster-hunting Winchester brothers Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) and Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) for only 7 years. I started watching the series in 2013, and after 15 seasons, my beloved show is finally at rest. I enjoyed every episode and season of the series, the thrills, the monster-hunting adventures, the suspense at the end of every season and then the series of creatures and supernatural events that unfolded throughout the run. I currently miss all that.

Supernatural Started in 2005

The Supernatural debuted in 2005 and holds the record for the longest-running series to premiere in the history of American television and it has a reputation as one of TV's genre series. The series featured Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) who lived by the motto, “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”, and fought vampires, ghosts, angels, demons and just about every other creature in folklore and even God, while cruising in Dean’s “Baby” - a ‘67 Chevy Impala.

The brothers their long year's of fighting evil and hunting monsters collectively died more than a hundred times, but are always resurrected by either brother, witches, demons, angels and even God himself. The series had a lot of action and twists.

The Supernatural series finale

Dean meets his end, as others find a way to carry on.

After 15 years, 15 seasons, and 327 episodes, the beloved show came to an end as the series finale aired on 19th of November, 2020. The series finale ended with one of the Winchester brothers dying during a routine vampire hunt.

In the final episode, the Winchester brothers came across a new case involving an attack on a family and the kidnapping of the man and his kids, leaving the wife. The suspects turned out to be a pair of vampires. The boys tracked down the nest and beheaded the vamps. But during the fight at the vampire nest, Dean was thrown up against a post by one of the Vamps and was impaled through the chest by what looked like a rusty nail fixed to the post. 

At the end of the fight, Dean was hurt and immobilized. Realizing he doesn't have much time left, he shares an emotional moment with Sam. “You knew it was going to end like this for me,” he reassures his emotional brother. “We had one hell of a ride.” Sam intended to allow Dean to die and then bring him back from the other side, but Dean declined the offer. After the last moments in which Dean told Sammy to go on with his life, he passed on. No epic battle, just a piece of metal impaled through his chest. In all of the ways fans predicted Dean to die, this was not it.

Later, Sam mourned his death, giving him a hunter's funeral. Whereas Dean went to heaven and drove around in his Heavenly version of his beloved Impala car "Baby" for the remainder of the episode.

Flashing forward, we watched Sam live a hunt-free life and had a son that he named after his late brother, Dean and we watched him grow up. Then, we saw an elderly Sam pass away on a bed, with his son nearby. After his death, Sam reunited with in Heaven.

Closing thoughts

The series ended in a simplicity nature. I expected more from the series after 15 years and as many seasons of hunting almost every creature in folklore, facing death, deaths and resurrections, facing the apocalypse and even God. It gave me an almost similar feeling as to the ending of Game of Thrones. We didn't expect it to be way wrapping up a favourite series after 15 years. Not everyone will happy.

Not everyone will be happy, but the finale did find a way to pay homage to the beginning while bringing it all to a bittersweet end. In a sigh of relief, the show exemplifies that there really is peace to strive for after all.

No matter the end, we had 15 long years of show to look back on, several episodes filled with thrills and actions, lots of monsters to creep us out, lots of fun and happy moments that left a smile on our faces and lots of love and care, at the core of it all is family.

After 15 years of good run, it's a challenge to say goodbye to the Supernatural show for good.

Are you a Supernatural series fan? What's your take on the entire series especially the series finale? Hook me up in the comments section.

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Written by   512
1 month ago
Topics: Supernatural
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I have never heard of that series to be honest. But it definitely sounds like something I could get hooked on. 😅 I feel tempted to start watching it, but if I really like it, I will have a hard time not getting addicted to watching it. 🙈

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1 month ago