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Strategic Examples of digital marketing: None of these 7 should be neglected

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The word 'digital' is not a name, but a 'new world ' or space where we live in this contemporary time. It is easier to say that we have left the traditional world and all that came with it, and have embraced a new digital world, and of course, all that comes with it.

No matter how vast or large-scale your businesses might be, you are still small if you have not secured a" digital space" for your businesses.

I am going to explain digital marketing with an illustration.

Dr. Charlie, a lecturer of Economics conducted a well-prepared lecture for a class of about 5,000 students without a public address system (microphone). After lecturing for about two hours, he asked a question and was shocked that very few people understood his lectures. Why? This was because only a few heard him. After all, he couldn't reach the whole class with just his natural voice.

In that same class of about 5,000, Mr. Philip, an accountancy lecturer taught and he was well understood because he made use of an address system making it easier for his students to comprehend his lectures.

From the above illustrations, it is clear that no matter how great your business plans may be, if digital isn't part of it, it can't go anywhere.

Digital marketing is the best public address system for today's market and businesses that make it possible for the world at large to hear you and hear about your business.

Without a digital marketing platform, you remain voiceless, and poor sales are inevitable.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that makes use of the internet and online-based digital technologies such as; computers, mobile phones, and other electronic platforms to promote products and services.

Marketing strategies of today are no longer like before. These changes became obvious ever since when brands, marketers, and companies began to use technology to market their products and services.

Since the inception of digital marketing in the 1990s and 2000s, marketers find it easier to reach a wider range of people without exerting much pressure.

A lot of names have been ascribed to digital marketing. Some people see it as' internet marketing ' while others refer to it as ' web marketing'.

Whichever one it is called, all we know is that it has become a popular name in the industry of marketing, as from 2013.

The estimate of this growth stands at 4.5 trillion online ads, served annually with digital media speed at 48% growth in 2010.

Why do I need a digital strategy?

It is imperative to remind us that digital marketing is still growing all over the world following the global market index. A report

In September 2018, revealed that the global outlays on digital marketing strategies are approaching $100 billion.

To be honest, traditional marketing strategies have all faded away. If you want to see any business that is growing well, then it must be a business that has gone digital in its marketing strategies.

7 strategies of digital marketing outlined

There are a lot of known strategic Examples employable in digital marketing.

If you desire to thrive well in digital marketing, you should know these 7;

1.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is an irreplaceable strategy for digital marketing. Aside from search engine optimization that boosts organic online traffic, SEM targets specific audiences with paid digital ads.

Ads appear on the search engine results pages when people search for the type of services your business offers.

2. Pay per click (PPC)

Yes! You may have a good marketing platform for your business (possibly a good website), your platform for business might have all the best professional design, best quality loads of information, and content, but the disheartening truth is this if no one clicks on your site, all. Your great efforts are a total waste.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is a marketing strategy that motivates people to click on your ads to visit your site. Every ad placed is being paid for. PPC is important because no one knows what you have in stock for them except they visit your site. The way to make them visit your site is by placing the ads of your business on a good site that is already ranking high.

You stand a good chance of making sales when a higher number of people visit your site.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The phrase ' first impression matters' sometimes is true. The best way to market is well is to position yourself where you will be seen and heard. When you are seen and heard, you have higher chances of sales. It is SEO that helps you achieve this.

What SEO does

A search engine is a process of increasing the number to a particular site by ensuring that the site appears higher on the lists of results returned by the search engine.

SEO makes it easier and possible for your business to be seen 'first' and when this happens, you have a higher chance of patronage.

4. Influencer marketing.

Am sure you know that influence can have a great impact on human life. To influence means to affect the way people feel, think or act. This is made possible due to the value such a person has earned to his name publicly.

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product advertisements from influencers.

An influencer is like the wheel balance that balances the presentation and the product.

Be rightly informed that in marketing, customers buy these three things– the presenter(influencer), the presentation, and the product. Even though they do not literally but the presenter, it is one major factor that attracted them to your product.

5. The E-mail marketing strategy

Direct emailing is a strategy employed by marketers to reach out to their target audience through emails. Mails sent are not mere mails, but are ads market mails that do nothing but to inform your audience of the availability of their choice of products and services.

This message goes to a group of selected individuals but in a personalized manner, you can call it a customer segmentation approach. This approach assures that these emails go to these individuals as personal mails with their names attached to them.

The reason for using this personalized approach is to create a good customers relevance reputation and to draw their attention towards the product of sale.

6. Blog content

After successfully dragging them to click on your site, the next thing is to ensure that you have great content that is qualified to engage your audience. Your content should be able to pass across a quality message about your product. It should be convincing, comprehensive, strategic, and the rest.

Even if you are not great at content creation, worry less as there are lots of freelance writers out there that you can employ to write for you.

7. Website

This one is the home for all. This serves as your address book to your audience on how to locate you. This day, it is easier to own a site as there are a lot of free sites that you can you use to accommodate your audience and market your products and services.

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I have never understood Digital Marketing deeply, but I realized I have an idea what it's about because of this article. Thank you so much, I learned a lot. :)

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