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Patronage 2021 Week 21: the community has decided

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1 year ago
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Hey folks! I hope y'all had a lovely weekend and you are staying sane through these troubled times in the cryptocurrency space. 

Still in the dip. The crypto bear market continues and the red candle bars are getting longer and dipper every day. Many crypto faithful are lamenting at the amount of loss they have incurred and are probably going to incur more in the coming days. And some are losing faith. While others are holding tight to their crypto assets. The whales are accumulating more and more of every top token. When will the dip end?

As for me, I have made the decision not to sell any of my coins with the hope that the market will recover when the time is right. At the moment, my well over $800 worth of shitcoins is now worth about $230 and our beloved bitcoin cash (BCH) price has fallen more than 60% since.

As stated in one of my posts, this dip is an opportunity for the crypto enthusiast to add more coins to their portfolio. There is also an opportunity for and users, we get to accumulate more BCH for every tip received.

How? Let me explain.

As at the time of writing these lines the price of BCH was around $575 while the last high before the prolonged dip was around $1600. At the current price of $575 each $1 tip received on a post will be approximately worth 0.0017 BCH and with this $10 will be worth 0.017. Whereas at the initial price of $1600 a $1 tip will be approximately worth 0.0006 and $10 will be worth $0.006.

You noticed the difference in the quantity of BCH received, such that when the price rises back to $1600 and more, you will have more value for your BCH. I might not have presented it very well, but the simple explanation is that w you will earn more BCH in every tip which will later be more valuable when the price rises.

Back to the Patronage

This is the 21st week of the Patronage. The previous week's Patronage beneficiaries were @carolinacardoza and @CryptoBabe. I have offered them the possible Patronage benefits for the week. It's now time to move on to new beneficiaries.

Patronage Week 21 Nomination

Here is a list of the users who participated in the nomination round and the users they nominated:

  1. @PVMihalache nominated @elmarg and @Idksamad7869

  2. @carolinacardoza nominated @belkis758 and @Slwzl_

  3. @Laurenceuuu nominated @elmarg and @Idksamad7869

  4. @Ruffa nominated @elmarg and @Idksamad7869

  5. @bheng620 nominated @Idksamad7869

  6. @eommaZelz nominated @elmarg and @Idksamad7869

  7. @carisdaneym2 nominated @review and @Idksamad7869

  8. @kaya nominated @gertu13 and @wrabbiter

  9. @MizLhaine nominated @wrabbiter and @Idksamad7869

  10. @Eybyoung nominated @Laurenexai and @Idksamad7869

@Idksamad7869 topped the nominees' list with a total of 8 nominations followed by @elmarg. Congratulations guys.

My appreciation goes out to the users who made out time to nominate other users. Thank you, guys. You can rest for now till Wednesday when I come again to announce the next nomination round and I am confident you will answer my call. Thanks once more.

As for me, my work continues. I have to follow the two beneficiaries through the week to subscribe, sponsor them, read and tip their posts with the little amount I could afford to give at the time.

Below are the benefits offered by the patronage initiative to the weekly beneficiaries. The nominators (users that nominated them) are not left out.

  1. Subscriber(s): I will subscribe to the beneficiaries and hopefully, other users will also get to subscribe to them.

  2. Sponsorship: I will send a sponsor offer to both users and it's up to them to accept or reject the offer. Note: You have to activate your sponsor block to be able to get sponsored.

  3. Tips: lastly, I will read and tip up to 7 articles published by the beneficiaries within the week.

  4. Nominators Bonus: The users who participated in the nomination rounds by nominating other users are not left out. Their nomination comment will be tipped by me. Also, those that nominated the users that became beneficiaries of the week will get an extra tip.

A few more things

  • To encourage users to participate in the nomination round, I will tip comments, especially nomination comments that give reasons for nominating the users.

  • I will only tip articles written in English. I can't tip what I can neither read nor understand.

  • The tip amount depends on the quality of your article. And I reserve the right not to tip your articles. As much as I want to support users to publish more, I also want to encourage them to stick to a level of quality which we will all appreciate.

  • Yes, you can vote for the same users as the user before you. As the more nominations, a user gets, the more his/her chances of topping.

I have to end this here for today. I will return soon, to seek your assistance again in nominating some users for the initiative.

Thank you all for the continuous support.

Stay safe everyone and have a lovely week!!

Love and Support.

$ 13.54
$ 13.28 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.10 from @carolinacardoza
$ 0.09 from @meitanteikudo
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Written by   749
1 year ago
Topics: Patronage
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Thank you so much everyone for nominating me!!

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1 year ago

Congratulations to the winners!

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1 year ago

Congrats to the nominees especially to @Idksamad7869 :)

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1 year ago

Congratulations @elmarg.

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1 year ago

A big congratulations to the new winners! Thank you for this patronage project, sir. Your fellow writers here appreciate it so much. :)

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1 year ago