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Patronage 2021 Week 18: The community has decided

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1 year ago
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Hey folks! Hope everyone is have a lovely week.

It's been raining for more than 5 hours after weeks of little to no rain fall and with the way it's going, it's no stopping soon. This rain officially ushers in the rainy season. I would have enjoyed the hours of rain and cool breeze if I was at home. I was caught out in the rain so I had to find shelter at a friends place. It's already 9 pm here, and I don't feel comfortable sleeping in someone's house. My hope is for the rain to stop in the next 30 minutes so I can have a chance of getting a cab home. If all fails, I will have to sleep here and return home as early as possible to prepare for work.

Bitcoin Cash. I didn't achieve my bitcoin cash goal for April. I look to change that this month by first setting a lower and achievable target and putting in more effort to earning more than I did in the previous month. My BCH earning goal for May is $500 from,, and crypto trading. Today is the third day of the month and I only earned $20. At this rate, I won't be able to achieve my BCH target in May. I hope for a positive change in fortune.

On the other side, my prediction of the BCH price value of $1000 at the end of April came true. Bitcoin cash was over $1000 in price at the end of April, but later dropped, but it's not back to $1000+. My prediction for May is a BCH price value of not less than $1500 at the end of May. There is the possibility of a $2000, but let's leave it small and easy. when was the last time you visited Well, I try to visit the platform whenever I can and make a post on any day I can. The platform keeps evolving and getting better on each visit. One of the update I noticed on one of my visits is the introduction of the "user rating" feature. Where users are rated as worse, bad, good or excellent. The latest is the reduction in the amount of free tips distributed to users and the introduction of $0.01 per quality like on a user's post. I believe is not yet where it plans to be, there are more packages to come.

Back to the Patronage

This is the 18th week of the Patronage. The previous week's Patronage beneficiaries were @MizLhaine and @meitanteikudo. I subscribed to, sponsored and tipped the posts made by both users within the week of been Patronage beneficiaries. Both users were very active within the week. They were probably the most active beneficiaries since the Patronage commenced. They didn't go a day without posting and they are reaping the fruit of their hard work. It's a new week, their time as beneficiaries has come to an end. It's time to move on to a new pair of beneficiaries.

Patronage Week 28 Nomination Round Result

The nomination round of the current week was announced on a Wednesday as usual. And my friends didn't fail to participate in the nomination of other users.

Here is a list of nominees and who nominated them:

  1. @kingofreview nominated @love16 and @illustrious

  2. @Jane nominated @Idksamad7869 and @BCH.Serg

  3. @Kryptlook nominated @BCH.Serg

  4. @PVMihalache nominated @BCH.Serg and @Kryptlook

  5. @NewrA nominated @JonicaBradley and @AlterGhost

  6. @bheng620 nominated @BCH.Serg and @Kryptlook

  7. @CryptoMax nominated @NewrA and @Frank.1in

  8. @Gracee nominated @Kryptlook and @Maestro02

  9. @MizLhaine nominated @Maestro02 and @Momentswithmatti

In the end @BCH.Serg topped the nominees list with 4 nominations followed by @Kryptlook the 3 nominations. Congratulations guys. You are the Latronage beneficiaries of the new week.

My appreciation goes out to the users who made out time to nominate other users. Thank you, guys. You can rest for now till Wednesday when I come again to announce the week 12 nomination round and I am confident you will answer my call. Thanks once more.

As for me, my work continues. I have to follow the two beneficiaries through the week to subscribe, sponsor them, read and tip their posts with the little amount I could afford to give at the time.

Below are the benefits offered by the patronage initiative to the weekly beneficiaries. The nominators (users that nominated them) are not left out.

  1. Subscriber(s): I will subscribe to the beneficiaries and hopefully, other users will also get to subscribe to them.

  2. Sponsorship: I will send a sponsor offer to both users and it's up to them to accept or reject the offer. Note: You have to activate your sponsor block to be able to get sponsored.

  3. Tips: lastly, I will read and tip up to 7 articles published by the beneficiaries within the week.

  4. Nominators Bonus: The users who participated in the nomination rounds by nominating other users are not left out. Their nomination comment will be tipped by me. Also, those that nominated the users that became beneficiaries of the week will get an extra tip.

A few more things

  • To encourage users to participate in the nomination round, I will tip comments, especially nomination comments that give reasons for nominating the users.

  • I will only tip articles written in English. I can't tip what I can neither read nor understand.

  • The tip amount depends on the quality of your article. And I reserve the right not to tip your articles. As much as I want to support users to publish more, I also want to encourage them to stick to a level of quality which we will all appreciate.

  • Yes, you can vote for the same users as the user before you. As the more nominations, a user gets, the more his/her chances of topping.

I have to end this here for today. I will return soon, to seek your assistance again in nominating some users for the initiative.

Thank you all for the continuous support.

Stay safe everyone and have a lovely week!!

Love and Support.

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Written by   749
1 year ago
Topics: Patronage
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Yay congrats.. i didn't know you had nominated me @mizlhaine thanks a lot

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1 year ago

Congrats to @BCH.Serg n @Kryptlook :)

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1 year ago

Congratulations @BCH.Serg and @Kryptlook 😊😊

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1 year ago

Wow, thank you ma'am ☺️

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1 year ago

no problem :)

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1 year ago

"Both users were very active within the week. They were probably the most active beneficiaries since the Patronage commenced. " Thanks for this observation and commendation. It is indeed a privilege to be one of your beneficiaries. Keep it going and congratulations to @BCH.Serg and @Kryptlook .

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1 year ago