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How to improve your focus level for massive productivity

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3 months ago
Topics: Focus, Productivity

As a matter of concern, you have been wondering why you appear less productive, unlike other years. As a matter of fact, you seem so overwhelmed as to the reason why you have fallen off the productive track.

The reason behind your less productivity could emanate from simple daily actions and inactions. Simply put, attitude can make or Mar a man. I'm sure by now, you are beginning to see where we are driving to.

To make it easier for you to understand, we have to come to sum it up that the reason why you have become less productive and seem to fail in your goals is simply by a conscious effort of retarded focus.

Cast your mind back into your past productive years, you will see a lot of things that have gone wrong. Remember how you used to put first things first, high energy, passion, and a lot of enthusiasm in everything you do.

Those traits are no longer there as you allowed some daily focus-killing factors to completely wipe them away from you like a wave from the ocean.

From our experience in the field of productivity, we have come to the general conclusion that you can't be productive unless your focus level is intact and improved.

So, in this article, We have come to re-energize you and help you get back on your feet by presenting to you some major factors that can help you skyrocket your productivity.

For you to know how significant Focus can be, the author of "The hidden driver of Excellence", says that there is a link between attention and excellence. He also writes that:

full focus gives us a potential doorway into the flow.

1. Take it one day at a time.

Realizing the need to make a change and getting better, you do not have to do it all at the same time. It can be overwhelming and daunting to carry out such a task. To make it easier, more fun, and better, we recommend you do one bit of it, a day at a time. Simply say, get 1% better each day.

Remember a lot has gone wrong, and you can't fix it all in a day. It is then important to start them one after the other.

Yes, one percent doesn't sound like much, but it sure makes a huge difference when it comes to developing a more lasting profitable habit.

Just like the little evil you do can ruin you, such as little smoking, alcohol consumption can accumulate to have a more lasting detriment to your health. So do good inputs into your life. They play a great role in elevating you in your jobs and businesses.

A daily bit by bit positive change into your life and activity is actually what you need for massive productivity. One James establishes this fact in his Atomic habit theory by saying;

habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

Accumulation of 1% daily change will eventually result in greater productivity. Which is far better than being unrealistic by trying to embark on a wholesome approach.

The change you seek starts by doing little things that matter like practicing to wake off earlier than usual, engaging in physical activity will increase your energy and focus. You can do that by adding say 30-45 minutes of any type of exercise into your schedule each day. If possible, go for a walk, jogging or horse riding as spending time in nature has been found to improve concentration and productivity.

2. Be purpose-driven

When where you are heading is in view, it becomes less of a task to focus on.

Be purposely. As much as possible, let there be a "this one thing I must do in your list". This way, the problem of feeling a little bit scatterbrained and like you’re often juggling a million things to do each day will not be there– Define your purpose.

3. Practice time tracking

Time tracking yourself is a vital force that can help you remain focused. Learn to allocate appropriate time to each task. No matter how important or less important, give each activity their own time. This is because any activity you deny their own time, will have its way of posing as a distraction when you are performing an important task. If it is a phone that might pose a distraction, before you delve into the major activity of the day, surf the web, visit your social media so that there won't be any form of FOMO while you are on duty.

4. Be disciplined

Discipline is one inevitable trait you must not fail to see in productive individuals. Discipline is a broad factor that transcends how you think, respond, taste, and comport.

Discipline is the bedrock of all as other factors depend directly or indirectly on this for Focus to be actualized.

What do you do when you get notifications on your phone while working?– Most individuals instantly get distracted and might start visiting their phone to know what that is all about. Productive individuals do not respond so.

You ignore any form of distraction at your time of productive work– It takes discipline to achieve that.

Closing thoughts

"It’s tough to stay mentally focused when you are revisiting the past, worrying about the future, or tuned out of the present moment for some other reason,” writes Kendra Cherry, MS, over at VeryWell Mind.

To actually improve your level of concentration, you can engage in some indoor games like; Sudoku, ludo, table tennis, and others as they are proven to be the best concentration boosters.

NB: Citations in this article are extracted from

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Written by   719
3 months ago
Topics: Focus, Productivity
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Thank you for sharing, learned something new with this most especially time tracking part, I end up getting distracted sometimes even while studying

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3 months ago

As for myself, I really am easily get distracted to the extent that I sometimes do things unnecessary to do so.

Hmm.. Thank you for sharing this to us sir.. And thank you so much for upvoting my latest article..☺️

Good day!😁

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Just what I need. I am so distracted by personal issues nowadays that leads me to lose focus and be less productive in everything I do.

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3 months ago

The fact remains that before you can be productive, your focus's must be intact. You must release your mind from those things that can kill your careers and also deviate from those things that can make you remain unproductive. Been discipline is the mother of productive ability. This means that we must not joke with our work but take it so serious by applying discipline into it or else, unproductive attitude will come in. Do ensure to take time serious as time can make your productive ability become something better.

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3 months ago