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3 years ago

My room is painted blue. Most of the things in my room are painted in blue color. This is because I love blue. I do a lot of things in my leisure time in my room. Such as studying, playing games, listening to music on my computer or phone.

My stylish wardrobe is the first thing you will see as you enter my room. In my room wordrobe are my clothes and personal belongings. On the other side of my room is a 14-inch color television that stand on a wooden stand. I enjoy watching my favorite movies in my room.

Opposite of the television is my full size bed, which has blue covers. Right behind my bed is the window, which has sparkling blue curtains. Next to my bed is a small radio on which I listen to the news of the day early in the morning.

On the wall of my room is a giant size poster of my favorite music star and around it are photos of my previous birthdays. Apart from my bed, I have a rocking chair where I can relax and do anything else I want.

My room is my favorite room in the house. That's where I study and relax. I like my room and enjoy doing pretty much everything in it.

For the love I have for my room am very proud of it.

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I started liking this your room oo

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3 years ago

Thanks for that

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Let me tip your post hahaha

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