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Russia's Retaliation - Why Could Elon Musk Trigger World War III ?

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Will the Russian battleship Moskva being sunk by Ukrainian Neptune missiles start World War III? Is it just getting started, or has it already started?

Long before the Ukraine war, the seeds of a larger geopolitical game were obvious. For a long time, the US and China have been on the same page when it comes to Taiwan and the crucial South China Sea.

Meanwhile, Beijing has been chewing at India's lingering border tensions. Galwan was the site of a more recent standoff. Following the Beijing Winter Olympics, however, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin resolved to wage war on each other.

The stalemate between China and India, as well as Imran Khan's removal as Pakistan's prime minister, indicate that Europe, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent are currently at a historical crossroads.

The sinking of Moskva with Neptune missiles, on the other hand, triggered World War III talks. The Russians, understandably, denied the allegations.

The sinking of the Moskva was declared the start of World War III by officials from Russian state television. Putin was said to be seeking vengeance! The claims are noteworthy because they were broadcast on Moscow's state-run television.

Russia is analogous to China and North Korea, where the state-controlled media is regarded as the only official voice. As a result, the clouds of a full-fledged war could be on the horizon very soon.

American Satellites On Hit List?

The spillover from the sinking of the Moskva has set off a chain reaction. Russia is now pursuing Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, believing that SpaceX's Starlink satellites are to blame for the sinking of Moskva!

According to an adviser to Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs, Russia could launch a new "space war" against Musk in vengeance for the sinking of the Moskva, according to

"Russia is starting a space war!" tweeted Anton Gerashchenko. In a document published by "United Russia," Medvedev declared that a job has been assigned to destroy @elonmusk Starlink satellites. It claims that Starlinks assisted in the attack on the Moskva." United Russia is Russian President Vladimir Putin's primary political party. Anton is a staunch supporter of Ukraine's independence.

Russia is slowly coming to the conclusion that Moskva was sunk not by an unexplained fire, as the government claims, but by Neptune missiles fired by Ukraine, which sank the Russian Black Sea fleet's flagship.

Putin is now highly likely to lash out against the West in an attempt to save face.

What Is The Elon Musk Phenomenon?

It must be understood that immediately following the war, Russia began to destroy all important Ukrainian towers and internet services, resulting in an internet blackout in Ukraine. It was at this point that Elon Musk came to the rescue, announcing that his company Tesla would pay a three-month salary to Ukrainians returning from abroad to fight Russia.

Elon Musk has supplied hundreds of Starlink satellite internet dishes to Ukraine to keep the internet running within a fortnight of this gesture, according to CNBC on March 22. This followed funding from France and Poland under the Biden administration's auspices.

As reported by on March 22, this makes it clear that Starlink is not a civilian. According to the article, Ukraine is utilizing Musk's Starlink to guide drone strikes and strike Russian tanks and positions because his satellites connect Ukraine to the internet. However, Ukraine's military may also use it to guide drones and strike Russian tanks and positions.

The way the Moskva was sunk supports this theory. Civilians may have utilized it for personal reasons, but the US's main goal was to assist Ukraine in combating Russia by providing an uninterruptible supply of internet, which Ukraine has done so successfully so far.

Moskva was one of Russia's most prominent vessels, therefore it's likely that Russia is licking its wounds. Moskva was also discovered to be carrying two nuclear weapons.

What the world will see very soon is how this will now turn out to be an enormous disaster. Ukraine also claimed to have assassinated Moskva Captain Anton Kuprin.

Apart from Putin's desire for vengeance, all of this is now likely to boil down to Russia's determination to cut Ukraine off from the internet, and to that end, Russia is now focusing its energies on destroying as many Starlink satellites as possible.

This is clearly intended improve the morale of Russian forces, which has recently dwindled, as well as the fact that this is likely to be the first time a satellite has been defeated in space.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced the decision to prohibit the United States from conducting anti-satellite missile testing. During a visit to the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, Harris made the announcement.

Russia's successful anti-satellite weapon system test in November 2021, when Moscow destroyed its ageing spacecraft Celina-D, prompted the Biden administration to implement a moratorium, according to US media reports.

Moscow claimed the test was conducted in conformity with international law, including the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, and was not directed at anyone. It also stated that the debris posed no threat to other spacecraft, including the International Space Station, due to the satellite's location.

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