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Some Amazing Scientific Truths

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5 months ago

Some scientific truths that are hard to digest !!

1: If you straighten all the DNA in your body like a thread, their length becomes 55 billion kilometers. Estimate how long it is, so that the distance of the Earth from Pluto is 6 billion kilometers. That is, you can wrap our solar system (from the sun to Pluto) 4 times with the DNA of a human being, yet you will still have billions of kilometers of DNA thread left.

2: There is a great distance between the atoms in solid objects and their subatomic particles, one atom is 99.9999999% empty. You can fit all the human beings in the world in one sugar cube.

3: The calcium, iron and other elements in your body came into being in the center of a star, which later disintegrated due to the supernova of the star and reached the ground. It is quite possible that it is present in your right hand. The atoms are formed in the center of another star, while the atoms in the left hand are formed in the center of another star.

4: There are also remnants of the Big Bang in your body, because the hydrogen atom is the particle that came into existence at the time of the Big Bang.

5: The noise you often hear on TV or radio is actually Cosmic Microwave Background Radiations, these are the same waves / radiations / lights that erupted three million years after the Big Bang and spread throughout the universe, so some scientists These waves are also called "Big Bang Echoes".

6: The stars are so far away from us that their light takes millions of years to reach us, so when you look at the universe you are actually looking at the past billions / billions of years ago, today those stars / galaxies exist Or not? Or what is the present state of the universe? We do not know.

7: The footprints that man made on the moon 50 years ago today will remain the same for millions of years (as long as the moon exists) because there is no air or water on the moon to erase these footprints.

8: There is a terrible silence in space, a silence that is unimaginable, because sound needs air or some medium to travel and there is no such medium in space.

9: In space, if you bring pieces of metal close to each other, they will join together, this phenomenon is also called cold welding.

10: A year on the planet Venus equals 224 days while a day is equal to 243 days, thus a day on the planet Venus is greater than a year there, in addition, the planet Venus is the only planet that is rotating upside down (where The sun rises daily from the west).

11: Out of the total mass of our solar system, the mass of the sun is up to 99.86%, the mass of the rest of the planets, planets, moons, rocks is 0.14%, the sun is so big that it can fit 1.3 million Earth-like planets. ۔

12: We estimate that there are 30 trillion stars in our universe (put 23 zeros in front of 3). This number of stars is more than a grain of sand on our earth.

13: When a star ten times larger than the Sun explodes, the core behind it becomes a neutron star. Its density is so high that one tablespoon of this star weighs as much as Mount Everest. And this neutron star rotates like Lotto 600 times a second.

14: The visible matter in the universe is 5%, while dark energy is up to 68% and dark matter is up to 27%, which means that no matter how much we see and explore the universe, it contains only 5% of matter. We don't know or see anything about the other 95% of the universe

Thanks a lot for reading.!!!

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Written by   40
5 months ago
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