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Mus'haf (part #02)

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7 months ago

He was the bad son of Mehtab Tai - Hanan Waseem was after him and Sedrah Mehreen was the youngest. Fawad used to go to Agha Jan's office. He was tall and handsome, but he looked more attractive and handsome with the glitter of dressing and wealth. The most handsome and popular boy in the family, with the look of every girl's heart and the girl's mother

Whether it was Nada and Samia or Naima aunty's arrogant and arrogant desire, everyone would go back and forth in front of Fawad. Razia Paphu would have been calling Fawad for dinner for her only Faiqa.

Fawad used to eat sweets with gusto, so these girls used to present their mother's garnish with great enthusiasm. But he too was always in need.

Realizing his importance, he did not lose his composure, otherwise Hanan could hardly do his FA and went to Dubai in such a way that he never sent a letter or sent a broken penny home.

Her academic record was so bad that Tai kept on crying - but it was Wasim who made Tai and Agha Karim bow their heads in shame.

Incompetent Nakma FA failed twice and dropped out of school and became addicted to cigarettes.

And those who said so would say in hushed words - that there is also an old acquaintance of the streets where day sleeps and nights wake up -

She shook her head and hurried to the kitchen to clean the slab with a cloth. There was half a cup of tea in her cup. It was useless to say anything to her. She picked up the tray.

Fawad was sitting in the chair next to Fiza aunty on the lawn - she was telling him something with a smile - and he was listening casually.

Mahamal was pouring tea in his cup when he said-

Don't put sugar in my cup

No, she was sitting on the grass on her toes, picking up tea for everyone.

Hey son, why aren't you drinking sugar? Aunt Fiza became very worried.

I'm trying to lose some weight.

So be smart and what are you going to loose ?: Arzoo was sitting in the front chair at that moment and half a teaspoon of sugar in my tea:

She was sitting cross-legged right in front of Fawad - a pair of bright white trousers and a slightly open-necked red short shirt - shoulder-length haircut and a normal wheaten face.

With a lot of hard work, he made it a little more attractive, but the thin bow, CIBro, made him look very smart.

You have to keep yourself fit - to grab this kebab - Mahmal - Fawad extended his hand and said that Mahmal immediately wanted to pick up the plate of kebab and as he gave it, his fingers touched Fawad's hand.

When he was startled, Mahmal left the plate in panic. She would have fallen if he had not stopped. Mahmal immediately pulled out his hand. He grabbed the plate and was looking at her for a moment. Shocked, forgetting everything, as if he had seen her for the first time. It was just a momentary process - he turned around - so he turned to the other side too.

Aunt Fiza and Arzoo were looking in another direction - no one had noticed the moment that had passed, and Fawad would look at her from time to time, serving tea to everyone sitting on the grass with their claws. If she bowed her head a little, the brown ponytail would look taller and higher. If she raised her head, the pony would also swing at the same time and those glassy golden eyes all these girls did not have anything like that.

He sipped his tea and watched her in silence.

In the evening, she would read in the closet, then in the evening she would go to the kitchen, where she would happily cut the tomatoes on the cutting board and prepare dinner. There was no one else in the kitchen and the whole spread, of course, was to wrap them up.

"Mom! Why doesn't any of this Tai Ama and Aunts take responsibility for the food? Why do you always make it? She was shocked to see all this."

So we have a house. Son, if I do this, what will happen?

Do you serve them not tired?

How tired? She was now bending down and lighting the stove.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

I have to make biryani - I ask the rest of Mehtab bhabhi - and then Mehtab Tai peeked through the kitchen door -

Start cooking now. Happiness! It's getting late every day.

As soon as Musarat stove was burning, he turned around and said, "Bhabhi, I am just starting. You told me that Wasim's son was asked to make biryani. What should I make with it?"

At the same time, make pea curry, fry the kebabs and heat the meat in the afternoon. Make a potato curry and don't forget the salad.

Yes and in the dessert?

Behold, they were as if they had no need for bread and butter. Make a pudding or a double loaf of bread, and take a quick look at it.

You make three or four dishes at a time by filling the saucepan, but there is nothing left for the night.

You yourself say that they eat our wealth in a haraam way. Then where is the blessing in haraam, son? There was fatigue of years in their tone and after saying that they bowed on the cutting board again.

She was very quiet - really why the pots and pans here used to run out in one meal, she had never thought about this aspect and even the mother was aware of all their cruelty and abuse, yet she would have quietly endured. Were

Our property! A thorn in the heart - Eleven years ago, before Abba's death, these factories, these properties, the bank balance, this whole business empire of import and export, all belonged to Abba, and this Aga Karim, this clothing store in Raja Bazaar. Uncle Ghofran used to run an engineer in a small company and Arzoo's father Asad Chachawa was like Wasim.

Unemployed, helpless, destitute and incompetent, then how did he vacate his rented house after his father's death and settled here in turn?

Agha Ibrahim's house was Agha House, a three-storied mansion-like mansion. On the ground floor, Agha Jan's family occupied Basira Jamaya, on the upper floor, Fiza Chachi, and on the upper floor, Asad Chacha's family.

They came for a few days, but then those days never ended - there was a cry of lack of space, even the joy was removed from the master bedroom and the palace was shifted to the store room.

She was young at that time, maybe nine or ten years old, but as soon as she reached the stage of consciousness, the lava kept boiling inside. Now it has been a long time since she stopped suppressing. In front of the men of the house, she kept her tongue shut. But Tai competed equally with her aunts and cousins ​​who didn't eat at all. But because of her language, she became very strict. She could only answer with her tongue.

But Tai Aman also used other tactics - when he started giving tuitions at his friend's father's academy for his own pocket money, he was late returning home and as a result, "Ya Qasda" did not have lunch for him. Once the mother saved a loaf of bread and a plate of curry and took it to the room, but Mehtab Tai saw it and the house was shaken.

Tell those things to Musarrat with such accusations and titles of theft that Musarrat will never be able to save anything for her again.

So that he gives up tuitions and does not get the fifteen hundred rupees he gets for tuition.

And how many months did he get permission for tuitions - when he asked in front of everyone, at first they were all stubborn - but his sentence was that it is okay to take out my pocket money, but it should be as much as Sedrah and Mehreen meet each other.

Because if I don't get pocket money, I will set fire to every good and expensive pair of Sidra and Mehreen.

And for the first time, she was so obsessed that after ten more minutes of discussion, she was allowed to, and now that Uma had reminded them that they were eating their property, she couldn't help but think that something It is true that Agha Jan is disgusted with this 20-year-old girl - if he ever stands up to ask for his share - is his case so weak that he will not be able to get a decision from the court in his favor?

And they have to hand over everything to the court? And is that twenty-year-old girl strong enough to play all these chess players at her fingertips?

The answer was not a strong one - she could never stand up to him, but ... If he ever felt any weakness in his hand, any painful vein which he could squeeze and settle all his calculations, how much fun ... but what kind of painful vein could he have?

Listen? Mehtab Tai peeked into the kitchen again, startled by his thoughts.

Fawad is saying that there should be chocolate souffle in the dessert. Do it like this. Start right now and yes there should be no shortage. After a long time, my son has ordered a special dessert - say it in a very respectful and warning manner. And they went away, and the wandering cry of Mahmal's mind froze at that one point.

"My son ... my son!

So the weakness of Agha Jan and Mehtab Tai, the vein of pain and anguish, everything was Fawad.

And if ... if the aching vein comes under his finger ... You?

Mahmal! Cut this potato - I think potatoes can also be made into egg curry. Everyone eats with gusto.

I thought, "She came close to him in thought and began to peel the potatoes."

Mussarat made biryani masala, qeema pea was also about to be cooked - Mahmal under shami kebab, then potato egg curry salad raita was all made then Mussarat started baking bread.

I made souffle for Fawad and put it in the fridge, didn't I?

Please don't worry - she smiled - she remembered Fawad's shock and amazement on the lawn in the evening - the mistake that all the girls in the family did was not to repeat the same thing to her. It didn't matter, he decided.

After a while, she stopped her hand and went outside to the lounge, where all the girls were watching TV. Arzoo was sitting cross-legged in the same tight dress.

Fawad's sisters Sedrah and Mehreen were also nearby. Sedrah was a very ordinary girl of 24 years. She used to wear a lot of make-up and jewelery at home to make up for the shortcomings. She also did golden streaking in her black hair. There was still not much difference.

Twenty-three-year-old Mehreen, however, was short, quite short, and had very curly hair. She spent the whole day trying to straighten or lengthen her hair. Aunty's voice and Samia's voice were bad, and Samia was on leave. But Samia looked big because of her extremely tall stature - the seals used to bite her for the same reason and Samia, like her mother, used to make the seals feel more sweet all day long with sweet words.

Nada was a little good in shape. Her big eyes on Sanoli's complexion made her a little prominent and then Arzoo disliked her. Maybe she knew that Samia was weaker than Fawad while Nada was a strong candidate.

Fawad's sisters Sedrah and Mehreen had dropped out of school after completing their BA, while 22-year-old Samia Nada, 23, went to college for a BA and 23-year-old Arzoo went to university for a master's degree. Arzoo was one of those who passed away. The reason for arriving at the university was Agha Jan's recommendations - these recommendations would have worked even in the time of Sedrah and Mehreen if anyone who was interested in reading them - listened - he addressed everyone in a seemingly hasty manner - for dinner. Making souffle. Will any of you guys help?


Arzoo didn't want to watch the channel change remotely.

Nada was rubbing cuticles on her fingernails, long Samia immediately turned her attention to the phone - Mehreen put the magazine in front of her face and Sedrah started watching TV at the same time.

Come on, Fine. She's back in the kitchen.

In the dining hall, food was eaten as usual.

Mahal, as usual, was sitting in the last chair, which was exactly in line with the chair headed by Agha Jan - Musarrat was moving things around.

To be continued .....!!

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