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Part #01

The golden morning was getting wet, when she reached the bus stop walking slowly - with a bag slung over her shoulder, holding a small bottle of water in her hand, piles on her face, she approached the bench, where she sat for 10 days. Waiting for the minute bus

She put the bag to one side and sat down on the bench. Then she stopped the jam with one hand and opened the bottle with the other and applied it to her lips. The heat was increasing nowadays. She was starting to sweat in the morning. What will happen next? Bharti was thinking helplessly, there were the same expressions of frustration on her face, as if she was angry from all over the world, a permanent bill on her golden forehead and frustration in her beautiful brown golden eyes, there was something that united her all. She used to make kurta, long kurta and wrapped around her neck like a double muffler like a rope in jeans. Also sitting on the bench with him,

Between the two of them was her bag, and at that moment the black girl snorted, looking sideways at her bag, where she had written her name in chalk and whitner.

Mohammad Ibrahim ... Mohammad Ibrahim

This is what was written in every style, big and small, that girl used to look at her bag, but she used to spend ten minutes a day inspecting this black girl.

She was also a strange and mysterious character. Black people were seen here in Islamabad, but she was different from her peers. She used to tie a handkerchief on her head and tie a knot behind her neck. There was a gleam in her that Mahmal had never been able to see in her eyes, she would always look away, maybe a month and a half ago she would see him at the stand at her appointed times and in those months and a half her style was always the same.

She kept her back straight and sat quietly in front of the alert bench. She was a very quiet girl. I don't know who she was. Then her mysterious book, whose black cover was completely empty, would be lying on her lap and on the edges of the book. Black hands firmly planted

There was something special about his style, the sense of security of the book or its price.

The book was as thick as a pillow-the edges of the pages looked yellow and worn out as if it were an ancient book, a manuscript hundreds of years old there was something in it, an ancient secret, or a mysterious story, whenever she saw a mysterious book on it. That's what she thought, and what happened today, she spoke to this quiet little girl, maybe curiosity was fading.

Excuse me - can I ask you something? Ask - "The black girl raised her bright eyes,

"whose book is this?

"Is that so?"


I mean what is written in it?

She stared at Mahmal's face for a moment, then spoke softly.

story of my life

Well, he couldn't hide his surprise. "I thought it was an ancient book."

Ancient is written centuries ago.

So where did you get it

"From an old Egyptian library, it was lying among some dogs - when I took it out, it was all around the times, she was lovingly touching the black skin and saying - a faint smile on her lips. I swept it around and kept it with me, then when I read it I found out that someone had written it for me and put it here.

Mahmal was looking at her with open mouth

"What are you interested in"

I want to know more about it. Can I read it? She smiled slightly

You are the new girl of the new age. Where will you understand the prescription written in this ancient language?

But this is what is written in it? That curiosity was now making him restless

My past

At that moment, when the horn sounded, Mahmal was shocked to see the bus on the road in front of him.

My condition The black girl was saying

He had to get to the college as soon as possible.

And this book tells me what my future holds for me.

As I walk, she looks at the bus and walks away saying sorry

There is also mention of you in it.

My mention? What was written about me? She was shocked.

That is, I will give you this book - but I will give it to you only when you are tired and come to ask me yourself because it also contains the story of your life - what has happened and what is going to happen is all written.

When the bus's horn sounded again, he hurriedly grabbed the rod and climbed up without saying a word. He looked back for a moment.

That black girl was smiling like that

The mysterious and meaningful smile made Mahmal very scared at once


After college, she used to teach science and maths to seventh-graders at her friend Nadia's Abu's academy.

After crossing the gate, I saw three vehicles parked in the front and back.

My heart was pounding - I was forced to eat in spite of cars in the fall.

How many orphans are we orphans who are brought up at the mercy of our uncles? She came in out of pity for herself.

It was a quiet afternoon in the lounge - it was everyone's bedtime. Agha Jan, his eldest uncle, had just returned from the office - and because of his poor sleep, the whole house would have been ordered not to wake up. There will be disturbances - the order was apparently given to the whole house and in fact to Mahmal and Musarat - and finally when Agha Jan's wife Mehtab Tai added these words,

And the pleasure of explaining your past. When Lor Lor has finished walking around the city, when I come home, I should open the gate comfortably. Agha Sahib's sleep is bad. Now if I say something, he will feel bad. Our daughters have also studied in college. Their style did not turn out like that of Mahmal.

Etc. etc. etc. etc

When he came to the kitchen, there was a pile of pots in the sink. Was-

When he opened the hot pot, it was empty. There were some pieces of bread scattered on the handkerchief. When he wanted to open the fridge, it was locked. Mehtab Tai used to lock the fridge before he came. Musarat would save food for him and put it in the hot pot. But since Mehtab Tai started self-monitoring of food, the hotpot was empty every third day.

There were tears in his eyes from the pain, but then he confiscated it and came out - and slowly crossed the gate and brought a loaf of bread and a kebab from the hotel outside the colony - he had the same amount of money.

On her return, she was back in the old palace

He opened the door of the lounge and closed it with a drum. He picked up the football lying on the floor, hit the wall with all his might and started opening the envelope of non-kebab sitting on the sofa.

A moment later, the door of Agha Jan's room opened and Tai Mehtab came out.

Mahmal - he thundered, then he raised his head comfortably -

Will Tai Ma eat kebabs?

Shut up has said a thousand times, open the door easily, but you-

Speak softly, Tai Jan, Agha Jan is asleep at the moment, he will get up - she was putting kebabs on the bread and eating it without any hesitation.

You Thankless.......... Do you even realize that Agha Sahib is tired all day long ... But before the sentence was complete, she had picked up her bread kebab and gone to her room.

Tai Mehtab was left in a state of trembling.

Inside, she was awakened by happy voices.

"What happened? Why was Mahamal Bhabhi Begum getting angry?"

"He has a bad brain, he has a congenital problem - don't you know? He reluctantly put the non-kebab envelope on the bed."

But what happened? His eyes slipped on the envelope - then he brought food from outside in the fridge. And then she fell silent,

I brought it for you. Did you eat anything?

I have eaten, you eat it, I know you have not eaten anything, he smiled wearily, then Mahamal looked at his mother for a moment, his white hair in a pair of plain worn cotton and his tired face with wrinkled face, harmless. A mother who really looks like a maid even though she is the owner of this magnificent mansion

Don't be upset, eat in the name of Allah

I am angry with these people

Outside, the sound of Tai Mehtab's revelry was heard

She was now shouting and telling whom to go

"Don't be ungrateful, son. They have given us a roof over our heads to support us."

No, it's my father's house - it was built by my father for us, this business, these factories, all this was built by my father - everything was done by my father in our name.

Your father is no longer alive. He is nowhere to be found - as if she were tired

And she stared at them. Then she shook her head and picked up the envelope. The bread had hardened and the kebab had cooled down.

.................................................. ۔

After eating this cold, disgusting food, he sighed a little and knocked the football on the door of the room with the sound of taha.

She got up in a hurry

Outside, there were sounds of football hitting the wall

Raw sleep was broken - he made a bad face and stopped waking up - wearing a sleeper and opening the door wrapping his hair -

His and Mussarat's shared room was actually a storeroom adjacent to the kitchen. Not too long ago, he emptied it of wood cabaret and moved the two of them there. He didn't have a bathroom, so he passed them through the lounge. Had to go to the guest room,

Outside, in the lounge, Naima was playing football with her aunt Maaz and Moiz

I don't know what to do.

Aunty Naima, who was talking to someone inside the open door of the kitchen, turned around immediately.

Now my children play too, don't you? Your only job is to sleep. You don't see the day or the night. You keep breaking the bed all the time.

"Yes, these beds were made with my father's money. I want to break them. Before my father's death, Asad's uncle was probably homeless, wasn't he? She was also helpless. - Meanwhile, Naima's aunt muttered

After washing her hands, she rolled up her silky brown hair in both hands and tied the pony. A very high brown ponytail looked very nice at that moment. If she shook her head even a little, the high pony would swing over her neck. Her eyes were as golden as glass and even a little mascara would make her burn - she was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl in the house.

That's why she burns. All this made her laugh. She glanced at herself. She would open her jeans and wrap a scarf around her neck like a muffler. In one back she would be the most unique.

In the kitchen, Tai Mehtab was putting the nuggets in front of her, who was very obediently pouring tea water on one side and heating the turf oil on the other side. When she saw him, she seemed to be a little careless while holding the nuggets.

Fry it for the children. Happiness. Now not everyone comes from outside with a slap in the face

Tai Aman said, "Here, people are attacking other people's property inside the house." She said with satisfaction and started filling water from the cooler.

Take control of the tongue girl, repentance is our daughter, never speak like this in front of us.

Don't get me wrong, sister-in-law, I will explain to you. "

It would be better to explain - Tai Mehtab took a look of disgust at her and went out - Aunt Naima had already left - now only Musarat and Mahmal were left in the kitchen.

Surely you have to wash the dishes now?

What if I wash it? His kindness is less on us? She was busy putting one nugget in the frying pan. The woman took a deep breath and rolled up her sleeves and turned towards the sink. She was sad that if he didn't do it, he would sing. Happiness had to be done and now they had to prepare dinner

I will do it for my son, but I also want to do a little kindness to these people. When the dishes were washed, the trolley was full of happiness. Take it out. All of them will be in the lawn. They started dragging the trolley without protesting. I had chairs like in the evening,

Agha Karim was watching the newspaper open, at the same time Mehtab Tai and Aunty Aunty were talking, Aunty Aunty was the wife of the 6th Asad Uncle who was sitting nearby and was saying something to Ghaffar Chacha-Ghaffar Chacha and Mahmal's father Agha Ibrahim was twin, Agha Karim was worse than him and Asad uncle was the youngest of four brothers.

Uncle Ghaffar's wife Fiza Aunty was standing in the verandah giving voice to her daughter and she smiled when she saw him bringing a trolley.

Oh dear, you were left alone, I would have told Nada or Samia to help you.

Like Aunty Mehtab Tai and Aunty Naima, the tongue was not spherical but sweet.

It's OK - she just took the trolley of smiles and said what Nada and Samia have done before, what they would do today, if she called them they would come right away, grab a couple of things, light the stove and start talking - and then slowly. After slipping away, Aunty Fiza in the lawn tasted one thing after another. My Samia made it. And she used to present it saying that there is a lot of taste in my hands. Mehtab Tai praised her and told her to be lazy. To avoid this ridiculous story, Mahmal never made the mistake of calling them both.

But this sweet language of Fazi aunty was so good that she could never give him a reply nor did she give him a chance.

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, both mothers look like daughters, it still takes hours,

Why don't you hire a maid, at least you won't be able to drive us mother and daughter - she quickly left the trolley and returned.

Leaving all the talk, they started looking at this side - there is no time to be kind, Tai pulled the trolley towards him, Agha Karim had lost his sight and got lost in the newspaper again.

When she returned to the kitchen, Fawad was quickly descending the stairs.

Did you have some tea? He was tying a watch on his wrist

"I've got snacks, I've got tea, he left without listening very carefully - Mahmal paused for a moment and watched him go ..."

Next part will published in the next article.

I hope will you will like it.

Thank you for reading.....stay connected , stay blessed

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