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I hate you (Part #01)

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7 months ago

Let me help my mother. Innocently, she entered the kitchen as if she had come from her own work

Heer, till today you have not asked me anything. Tell me how I remembered today. What should you do? Begum Ruqayyah knew him well.

Amy, she's going to be our trap. Murray, please, please, please, let her go.

So far and why there is no need, Begum Raqiyah flatly refused

Amy, please, it's only a matter of two or three days

And until then, I will be wandering alone in this house. Begum Raqiyah spoke angrily.

No, Amy, it's only a matter of two days. You let me go, otherwise I will complain to Baba

Ok when are you leaving

I will go tomorrow. I have to do the packing today. I will go and do the packing.

As he left, he stopped and peeked into the room before his room

She turned around when her hand suddenly jerked from behind

What were you doing here? You were asked angrily

I was not doing anything. I was going to my room. Heer shook my hand and released me

Your room is there. Do your job. Get out of here. Pushing him away, he went to his room and locked the door.

She went to her room and started taking out her clothes from the wardrobe.

It sounds like an atomic bomb. Nick climbed up. She was muttering and putting her clothes in the bag.

When the phone rang, Heer quickly picked up the phone

Hi Heer, how are you? Aunty said you are walking with us

Yes, my mother has allowed me to go, but my friend Farwa, I am afraid, I have no respect for two cents at home, my dust will be respected outside, Heer closed the bag and said and sat on the bed.

Hahaha, you are talking about the king. Dude, why don't you two get along?

I don't know, he seems to be fighting over the matter.

Let's leave it packed

Yes, it's over. See you tomorrow at the university

Ok diamond take care

Shah Zain, Heer, son, eat. As soon as Heer heard her mother's voice, Heer hurried out and sat down.

Come wash your hands, first you have to say goodbye

Heer stood up smiling and went to wash her hands

On his way back, his eyes once again went to the king's room

He was also packing

Why don't you tell me to eat? Why are you taking so much trouble? She came to the table muttering to herself and sat down in her place.

Where is Heer Bita Shah?

Dad he --- he's packing for tomorrow

for tomorrow ? What is tomorrow

Baba is a trap tomorrow. We have celebrated my mother with great difficulty for Murree

Ok baby

Heer started eating

Amy Biryani is very well made. I will miss it tomorrow

Take care of yourself. Stay with Heer Shah Zain. Don't go here and there.

Heer sniffed at Shah Zain

Are you listening

GG Amy will stay with Shahzain. Don't worry --- Heer started saying

Give food to son Heer Shah Zain in the room. Give him food

Raqiyah Begum extended the food tray for Shah Zain towards Heer

Heer took the tray and started walking towards Shah Zain's room

Oh my god please don't mess up diamond her heart was beating fast as she was walking towards her room

The door of the room was open while Shahzain was not inside

Heer peeked through the door and then went inside

When Shah Zain came out of the washroom, Heer saw him and moved towards him

Heer took two steps back in fear and hit the wall

How dare you come to my room with that roar covering his face

Come on, you didn't come to eat, then Baba said, "I'll give you a cook in the room." Trembling words came out of his mouth.

what did you say

Dad? This is what you have been doing since childhood. Your mother trapped your father without any shame and he became my father and your father. At home, you and your mother sat down with their claws on wax and wealth.

She looks up nervously

You don't have enough time to look down at me and look up in front of me. The girl of Cody is nothing more than a maid. You pushed her out of the room and closed the door when Heer's fingers came in the door and she Shouted loudly

He opened the door, glanced at her, and closed it again

Heer began to ease the pain by pressing her other hand, but there was a mark on her hand

Heer went to her room crying and closed the door and started crying

Why every time he misunderstands me and Amy he cried and saw his hand which had a blue mark on his fingers

Picking up the first aid kit, she applied ointment on her hand and tied a light cloth on top. If she had tied the bandage, Raqiyah Begum and Yaqub Sahib would have had to answer.

She was in pain for a long time and then she fell asleep

Heer son, get up, don't go to university, you should get up quickly ... When my mother picked her up, she got up and hurriedly started preparing to go to university

The hand was still aching

Heer son, show me what happened to this hand. Raqiyah Begum had breakfast and saw her hand on which she was now wearing a bandage.

Oh No Heer put his hand down

Show me what happened. Ruqiya Begum said holding his hand

Amy hurried to the door yesterday

There is not much to worry about

No, my mother is a little bit. OK, I'm going. I'm getting late

Amy Baba's car is not out, where are they ... He picked up the diamond bag and spoke

Son, do this today. Go with Shah Zain. Baba had some work to do, so he left

Heer trembled when he heard Shah Zain's name

Let's go. He's waiting outside. I've stopped him. Go quickly

Frightened, Heer came out where he was leaning against the car

He glanced at the bandage tied around Hur's hand and then put on his glasses and sat down in the car

With trembling hands, Heer opened the back door of the car and sat back

Light rain had begun and the car was on its way to the university

In five minutes, the rain intensified. On the way, Shah Zain stopped the car

He got out of the car and stopped the car

Since the diamond

Get out of the car now ...

Heer quickly got out of the car

Remembering his times ... he started the car and left it on the way to the university.

Heer was soaking wet in such a short time, she ran and stood under a tree, how could she go to university in such a heavy rain?

Oh, it will be too late now. Heer looked at the watch on his wrist

Heer's words were fulfilled when a car stopped in front

"What are you doing here?" Farman, sitting in the car, asked

Dude, I'm leaving the university too late

"Come on, I'm going to university too," he said, opening the front seat door

But I'm soaked, no problem, no you

Hey man, sit down, no problem. He smiled crazy

Herr sat in the front seat and Farman started the car

Thanks I don't know how I get to university if you don't come Heer wiped his wet face with a handkerchief that was already wet

This Lu Farman extended a handkerchief towards him

Thank you again. Heer took a handkerchief and dried his face

I will not help my cousin now, so who will I help? Farman said with a smile

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either

That's all right. How were you here, in the middle of nowhere?

He was not Baba. Today I came in a taxi but the taxi broke down. He took me here and left

Good lie heer if taxi was bad then where is it now and if it is good then why didn't you leave university

Heer was silent

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Heer told the whole story to Farman

You stay away from this boy. He is crazy. He will humiliate you as much as you worry about number one. He doesn't like it. You and aunt Raqiyah stay there.

Hmmm, that's what Heer said

Farman stopped the car in front of the university

The rain was a little lighter now

Come on, I'll park the car and come

Heer nodded yes and walked towards the class

As soon as he entered the class, the first thing Heer saw was Shah Zain who was watching him

Heer was angry with him. Heer sat down in his place. After a while, Farman also came in and sat on the seat lying next to Heer.

Heer Farwa did not come. He was in a hurry today. He was not waiting. He spoke while sitting with Heer for the second time till today.

Yes, she will come. I talked to her yesterday

Well, you have something to show. Look, Sania said while showing the phone to Heer

Heer put his hand over his mouth and laughed

The movie dialogues are killing nothing special. Heer looked at the phone again

Sania was about to say something when Ahan entered the class. Sania's mouth opened

Hi how are you my sister

I am fine brother tell me

I am fit. Ahan sat down on his seat smiling and Sania started looking at him

Embarrassed, Heer slapped him on the head

They both started laughing and Shah Zain had been watching him for a long time

So students you are ready for the trap we are going out everyone come out don't push each other don't run

Everyone left the classroom and got on the trap bus

Come here, Farman called to him from the window of the bus

I --- Heer said and walked towards the bus when Shah Zain grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the class

to be continued ---


Thank you for reading.

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Written by   40
7 months ago
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