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Cybercrime,its classification,causes,effects,and preventive measures

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Cyber crime is an illegal activity using different electronic devices like mobile phones and computers .This is an illegal activity which is used by some hackers and defaulter .This is problem not only of under developed countries But also the major problem of developed countries.



This is very simple method in which illegal instructions are sent to other computer network . So the person's computer is hacked and his personal sensitive information can be accessed easily .The criminal uses a variety of software to crack a person’s computer and the person may not be aware that his computer has been accessed from a remote location. Often, government websites are a hot target for hackers because it helps them gain notoriety which is further fuelled by aggressive media coverage. This is different from ethical hacking which is used by many organizations to check their Internet security protection.

Cyber stalking

The cyber stalking involves the online harassment by sending messages and emails. Typically, these stalkers know their victims and instead of resorting to offline stalking, they use the Internet to stalk. However, if they notice that cyberstalking is not having the desired effect, they begin offline stalking along with cyberstalking to make the victims’ lives more miserable . This is the way by which mostly people get entangled .

Pornography and abuse

This is also a type of cyber-crime wherein criminals solicit minors via chat rooms for the purpose of child pornography and abuses .The internet is mostly being used for the purpose of abuse children sexually all over the world

Cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism, involves the information wars, defined as an act of Internet terrorism that includes deliberate and large-scale attacks and disruptions of computer networks using computer viruses, or physical attacks using malware, to attack individuals, governments, organizations and different corporation .


Cyberextortion occurs when a website, e-mail server, or computer system is subjected to or threatened with repeated denial of service or other attacks by malicious hackers. These hackers demand money in return for promising to stop the attacks and to offer "protection".As according to federal beuro of investigation"cybercrime extortionists are increasingly attacking corporate websites and networks, crippling their ability to operate and demanding payments to restore their service".

Cybereex trafficking

Cybersex traffling is illegal activity by which transportation of victims is done and then live streaming act of sex and rape on webcam .This is one of the major illegal activities in which mostly girls get-entangled. Victims are abducted, threatened, or deceived and transferred to 'cybersex dens. The dens can be in any location where the cybersex traffickers have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet connection. The prepetor use

  • Socia media network

  • Videoconference

  • Dating page

  • Online chat rooms

  • Apps

  • Dark websites

They use online payment system and cryptocurrencies. They mostly use online illegal sources to hide their identities. If they fail to achieve the goals then they use offline sources.

Causes of Cyber crime

Following are the major causes of Cyber crime.

  • Mostly people want to become money-bag in the night,so they use illegal methods like cyber crime, cyberbullying,to achieve their goals. They hack the websites of different big organisations to steal their sensitive data

  • Unsecured wifi networks allow criminals to intercept confidential log-in details from connected computers. Unsecured wifi remains one of the most prominent causes of cyber attacks.

  • Generally the hackers or criminal hack the other person's computer in banking to access his personal and sensitive information and data to achieve his personal goals to become rich.

  • Criminals do cybersex trafficking activities to meet their sexual desires by different illegal activities like rape,dating,online sex etc.

Effects of Cyber crime

Followingare the major effects of Cyber crime

Monitarally effects

The overall monetary losses from cyber crime can be immense. According to a 2012 report by Symantec, more than 1.5 million people fall victim to some sort of cyber crime every day, ranging from simple password theft to extensive monetary swindles.

With an average loss of $197 per victim, this adds up to more than $110 billion dollars lost to cyber crime worldwide every year. As consumers get wise to traditional avenues of attack, cyber criminals have developed new techniques involving mobile devices and social networks to keep their illicit gains flowing.


The cyber crime of piracy has had major effects on entertainment, music and software industries. Claims of damages are hard to estimate and even harder to verify, with estimates ranging widely from hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of dollars per year. In response, copyright holders have lobbied for stricter laws against intellectual property theft, resulting in laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These laws allow copyright holders to target file sharers and sue them for large sums of money to counteract the financial damage of their activities online.

Social impacts

Cyber criminals take full advantage of anonymity, secrecy, and interconnectedness provided by the Internet, therefore, attacking the very foundations of our modern information society. Cyber crime can involve botnets, computer viruses, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber terrorism, cyber pornography, denial of service attacks, hacktivism, identity theft, malware, and spam. Law enforcement officials have struggled to keep pace with cyber criminals, who cost the global economy billions annually. Police are attempting to use the same tools cyber criminals use to perpetrate crimes in an effort to prevent those crimes and bring the guilty parties to justice.

Emotional Effects

Mostly people don't believe that government could take strict actions against their illegal activities. 80% people thought that they are safe and their activities are hidden . They think that they no one can expose their reality . Globally 65% and 73% US users are victims of Cyber crime

Most victimised countries

According to data America ranks fourh after

  • China(83%)

  • Brazil(76%)

  • India(75)

First study of emotional impact of Cyber crime shows that most powerful reaction of victims of Cyber crime.

  • Feeling angry (58%)

  • Annoyed (51%)

  • Cheated (40%)

The data that is collected shows that mostly cyber crime victims belong to to a famous organization.

How to overcome cyber crime

Following are the major steps to overcome the cyber crime .

  • Use strong password instead of a weak password. This will protect your data from any kind of Cyber act .

  • The big organisations should train their employees to secure their data and sensitive information .

  • Governments should make and implement strict laws against cyber criminals to to ensure safety of organisations.

  • Install different anti virus and anti malware apps in your smart phones and computers to secure your data.

  • Identify one or more agencies within their country that will have primary authority and responsibility to investigate and prosecute cyber crime.

  • Governments shouls also take steps to heighten awareness of this issue among the general public, including users in education system, legal system, and justice system regarding the need to prevent and combat cyber crime.

  • Information security policy is so simple to clear any confusion .


Hope you will get necessary information from this article. Longing for best wishes.

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Written by   40
7 months ago
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Sybercrime Ratio is increasingly day by day and awareness of cyber crime is important...

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7 months ago

Yes,govt should make organisations to aware the ladies and gentlemen the bad effects of cyber crime. Thanks to you for your feedback

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7 months ago

You explained it so well about all the information related to cyber crime my dear brother

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7 months ago

Thanks for your feedback.

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7 months ago

Stunning article bro.. Now a days data and information is a most worthy thing...

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day...
We should take steps to secure our information and never give access to our information

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7 months ago

Yes sure,cyber crimes are also increasing due to our negligence. So we should be careful

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7 months ago