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Bitcoin cash,its analysis & features and disadvantages

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7 months ago


I am seeing many articles on bitcoin cash for many days . Now i am going to discuss its features ,analysis,and the disadvantages. Now first of all I will see what is Bitcoin cash . Bitcoin cash is an online worldwide digital payment system and cryptocurrencies. This system is now becoming popular day by day. First of all this system was introduced by Stoshi Nokamoto in 2009.

Due to its some defects people didn't accept it and they also didn't believe this person's ability. As this system couldn't earn fame in those early days, So Stoshi Nokamoto become dishearted and he moved to other things. Before he moved to other things, he dispatched the system and organization in the hand of Gavin Anderson. Stoshi Nokamoto earned one million bitcoin cash which is equal to 3.6 billion US dollar.

Dorian stoshi Nokamoto...bitcoin cash introducer

Features & Analysis

Bitcoin cash is becoming more and more popular these days due to following features and its analysis is also given in the following.

  • Bitcoin cash payement method is very fast as compared to other digital payement system. It takes a few minutes to make many transaction at a time so this digital system is much fast to deliver transaction.

  • This system of online transaction is independent from the governments,word, bank and any other organization. So unlike in other digital transaction systems , no one can interfere in the deposit of money in bitcoin cash.

  • Bitcoin cash online transaction is secure as compared to other digital online transaction is system.

  • Bitcoin cash system is now getting fame all around the world. In other words it would not wrong to say that this becoming the Global coverage

  • This online bitcoin payement system has a well dedicated support. Mostly Goverments of the word are accepting this cheap and fast transaction system only except few

  • Another important feature of bitcoin cash is that it demands low fee for the transaction as compared to other digital online transaction system like debit card etc. So low fee and best rated online system. For example it takes only of 1% of the cash deposited while by debit card the transaction fee is high from 2% to 3%.

  • The most important and useful feature of this online digital payement system is that it is very easy to carry and use.

  • The next important feature of bitcoin cash is that doesn't demand PCI (stands for" payement card industry) unlike debit card and credit card.

  • BCH ensures more control and safety as compared to other digital online transaction system.

  • No one can get accessibility to any other bitcoin cash account so this is the more safe and secure

  • In BCH lost key means the password. If you forget the password then you are at the risk of losing your account & money.

  • There has always been the volatility in BCH price. Sometimes it increases to a high level like $18000 and after a few days it decreases simultaneously to very low level like $9000. So the is at risk of loss as well as he can get more benefits

  • Bitcoin cash is durable . Durability means it is not the physical rather it is eternal. So the risk of stealing money is extremely low or zero . So this is the safe method of transaction.

  • As this is an international transaction system so it becomes easier as compared to regular online transaction system.

Cash prediction

According to different researchers there is a great volatility in the price of BCH.

  • In the December 2020 it may increase upto 19850$

  • After a few days it may drop to 12000$

  • In the February it may drop to 7000$

  • There is also a risk that it may decrease/drop upto 2000$ in a single hour

Future access to money

Following are the ways to access the money in the future.

  • For future access to money one can use debit card or credit card

  • If you are living in the US states then you can use EUR wallet

  • By cryptocurrencies cash at your nearest point of sale you can use cashlib and neusuf cash vouchers which is available upto 160000 stores.

This is how ,Bitcoin works

Disadvantages of BCH

Although BCH online system is becoming famous day by day ,there are also disadvantages of this system which are as follows

  • Due to its black market activities, there is a damage of its reputation & usefulness.

  • There is a volatility in the price of BCH .This may result in loss of confident of customers on it .There is also the risk of losing of money if its price drops to dangerous low level.

  • Another disadvantage of BCH is that it is non-refundable. So there is no chargeback . If by mistake your cash go into any unknown person then there is no chance of refunding of that money .

  • Environmental illness is another disadvantaged factor of BCH . It consumes vast electricity as compared to other digital machine of online transaction. It also uses coal which may damage the healthy adults .

  • Fate of BCH is not decided .Some goverments accepted it but it would be benefit at all if all goverments accept it .


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Written by   40
7 months ago
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