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Bacteria,our friend or foe!!(My first meeting with a great teacher)

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6 months ago

My surprise was talking to heaven at the moment. Today was the first day of my new school,and it was the first class of the first day, but I never heard such interesting things in the class.

In my old school,just book was taken again, which was written and the next day to show. But here it did not happen at all. Rather here, a student was listening to a very interesting story of a scientist. "And thus Mr. Louist pasteur and his colleagues' years and a fascinating mistake, was ready to get the technical vaccine (bacteria) from the bacteria (attached vaccine), which went ahead and save the lives of millions of people."

The story was completely rested from the children's plans. The story of the story was watching the big pride from all of them. "Very well," Sir Asim said to the boy, he said to his boy, and boy went to his place. "In the very good manner, . If someone has any questions, raise hand." He said, "He said,Stand with his chair, saying,.After the heatic moment, I stood up. " "Hey Mansoor Mian! Ask what to ask." The smile of the sir Asim gave me something excited. "Sir, this means that we can take advantage of these glands? I heard that it hurts us very much!" My mind was rotating a few days ago when I was in bed due to an infection for several days. "Hey Wow! You have asked a very good question."

Sir Asim said to his question while saying. "Not only can we use these sins to benefit them, but also use them in many places in our general life." I am sure of some of you will come to eat this morning. All completely spoke in mysteries on many ways, they spoke and seeing them. "Let's do a little survey." After a few moments of silence he started to speak again. "Who of you have come to eat yogurt, butter, cheese or pickle in the morning?" On the question of sir Asim, more than half the class raised their hands. "Are these present in them sir?" The sound of the boy who was a surprise, was to be surprised. "Yes son, you understand, ... These are used as a merchant called Lachobcillus, which is used in the process of milk-licensed licenses (lactosecas) in the process of milk-licobs and lack of lactobaculus. This is also a large hand of the gaccobes (sactorials) in the bacterial milk.

But in this manual, there are also a large hand in the garbage and preparation of the bacterial, and there are also a lot of quantities in the stages of preparing and many food items and many food items, including the choice of choice and many food items and other food items. The heads were going to speak, and the whole class including me was sown in the sea. So far we had read that this germs are very dangerous for humans. "There is no just thing for food-to-do things, bacteria and many beneficial tasks are used. For example, many bacteria in the environment are digestively discharged, and the environment is cleaned by the bacterial decomposition.

Decomposition of corpse by bacteria.

This process is used to eliminate the oil, scene and other poisonous substances of the factory and bacterials of the factories and bacterials, if some bacteria do not work ?? For humans and the animals it is not possible to live in such hazardous health environment, and probably turned on one side of their thinking and continuing their thinking. "The matter is that these bacteria do not end the pollution in the environment, but it changes these pollution items that work in our things. These bacteria are called the breakthroughs of the deceptives, and the result of the use of different deeds, and resulting in the environment and other living creatures are involved in the village. If you live in the village, you might see the farmers in the fields." Can Anyone tell me why he uses animal extract in the fields??Suddenly, asking a question to speak to each other. "Yes, I asked a farmer in the village. He told me that he used to be as a fertilizer." A boy answered the end of the row. "Fact Fix!"Sir Asim smiled and saw him. "Actually, a lot of things that are required for the plants to improve the plants, is a very important thing to nitrogen.

Animals' ectract.

Nitrogen is usually present in the soil, but if there is continuous cultivation, there is a slowly crop it reduces the crop and the dust in the soil. Thus farmers use animal's extract to increase the fertility of soil.

Soil fertility.

There are a special type of bacteria in the coupons and dust, which are the nitrogen fixing bacteria, which they are nervaginic, and the nitrogen causes of extravagant, including the nitrogen, and it is not bacteria, if they are not bacteria, maybe not a cow. Six Asim's speech was still on. Especially for me all this was brand new. I did not have to open the book, but in the words, I learned so much. "Sir, do we use the Geober to make Biogas gi (biogas)?" Suddenly a question came from another boy. "Oh yes! ... If the air is closed in the environment , the Methane gas produces the bios from the bacteria, which is called bio gas, it is used to take electricity, or vehicle to make vehicles, or carrying a vehicle to different vehicles in the alphabet and it is also made of gifts, or other than the garbage, there are some important benefits of bacterial foods, but they are also used to protect crops in many mining and many things, but if we go to detail their care," he said it completely completing his saying while completing the curse. " All the children were deeply thought. Today a new world was open in front of them. "But the Sir!!! bacteria also produces many diseases in humans. Then why did these friends be us or enemies?" I asked some thinking. "Yes, this is a very important question. It is sure that bacteria produce many diseases in humans.

Bacterial infections on body.

Actually the matter is that no creatures are not enemy of any other creatures. Rather, all are trying to survive and restore their own race. They also harm us by difderent infections because of which they live without living or raising it, it is very difficult, or a very difficult thing is that there are cells more than any balance in our body, but most of them have some bacteria than us." Of them do not benefit us or harm us , they just try to survive." The smile of the Sir Asim was maintained, while a new chapter of surprises was open for children. "But ...!" After silent a few moments he started to speak again. "As well, it is necessary to keep in mind that the bacteria can be irregularly damage to the environment and the body of the humans by spreading different infectious diseases.

therefore, the security measures should not ignore the same measures like to eat food before eating food, and use well eating hot foods so that they can bacteria die in it." Sir Asim did not forget to end. Many children were considering their hands on behalf of consideration. "Me also has a small question sir..." The boy who was a naughty sound story was Saad, who was still silent. "Yes, son, ask me." Sir Asim said to rotate it. "These bacteria will die if eating this food, but where will their dead bodies go?" Saad asked, "The whole class was laughing." "Oh no, not to laugh ... I know that Saad asked that in the joke, but the question is not even less important. Now we will talk about our class time, we will talk about it in another day. Then on any of you can find the answer and can be rewarded by me." Sir Asim had just finished that the time of the class was over, and he left them all thinking about the prize. This evening suddenly came to me while doing homework. "First meeting with a great teacher!"I wrote on a blue paper and put it in the jar of the glass on my desk, in which the color of different colorful papers were shining already.


Thanks for reading.
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Written by   40
6 months ago
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So much interesting article bro. I can't stop myself from reading this article, I really enjoyed from its start to the end

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6 months ago