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A Prostitute (part #01)

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7 months ago

" I have a server

This is definitely your effect

It's your fault

Why is it so far away?

This is the nature of love

The drunken heart is your

So conscious is not news

What an effect this is

Consciousness is not news

What an effect this is

Sweet after meeting you"

When Shah came in with a bird's eye view, the young ladies were dancing to the tune.

The beauties dancing in the dim lights, the darkness all around and the lights on them.

What a dreamy atmosphere.

He came and sat on his special seat.

Shah's deep eyes were on the masterpiece of beauty dancing in the middle.

He always had something in his eyes that he could not understand.

" So is my dream

So the resolution of my heart

Take a look

just one time

Conscious is lost

Something has happened

Conscious is lost

Something has happened

Sweet after meeting you"

They were shooting lightning while shooting their beautiful arrows, all the respectable people present there were enjoying their dance in the world of intoxication, some were spending money, some were drinking alcohol,

The king was reclining on a quiet pillow.

It was the beauty that Shah saw with leisure, the long brown hair that was going down from the waist down, the brown enchanting eyes with the fence of dense lashes, the delicate lips hidden by the milky red lipstick, skillfully done The persecution of the make-up was that it looked like a disaster.

There was seriousness on Shah's face. The next moment three lines appeared on his forehead, a drunkard was swaying towards this killer Hasina, Shah was now enjoying this scene with interest,

Intoxicated, he placed his hand on Muharram's back and approached him.

Now you are not conscious

What an effect this is

Consciousness is not news

Muharram's back was to the drunkard.

What an effect this is

The sound of his slap brought everyone to consciousness, everyone was watching the scene with wide eyes.

There were flames in Muharram's eyes, a hard look on his face.

The sound of music had stopped, there was a silence, silence reigned.

Everyone's mouths were locked, and Mahram grabbed the drunkard by the collar.

"How dare you touch me ..." She ran down the throat.

At the same time, another slap adorned his cheek.

Nisar Jutt regained consciousness with this second slap ...

"Mahramah, my soul does not do that ..." Zulaikha Begum, hearing the silence before the storm, came to him and took him away from Nisar Jutt.

The hungry lioness leaped towards Bani Aas.

"Take it in ..."

He stared at the young lady standing behind him.

"Interesting ..." Shah said while enjoying this drama.

The founder had taken Muharram inside.

When the queen of beauty disappeared from sight, the king also stood up.

There was nothing left to pretend.

He took a quick step and went out, put his hand in his pocket and began to feel the key, took out the key and sat in the car, the car started running on the road at full speed.

Seeing Shah's car, the watchman opened the gate of the mansion.

Shah stopped the car on the porch, got out, fixed the shawl on his shoulder and started stepping inside.

** ////// **

Haram Dupatta was in charge.

Dupatta was cleaning the ground and his face was bent down when he picked it up.

At that moment, the harem hit a steel chest.

"Ouch ..." She raised her face and began to look at the soul which was moving like a blind man.

"You don't see ... it rained.

The eyes of the harem came out.

"Amna, that's what happened. Rebuke the thief Kotwal ..." The harem began to whisper in the ear of a friend standing beside her.

"Hello madam, what are you doing there? I am talking to you. It seems that the eyes as well as the ears have expired ..." He chewed and spoke.

"I was just walking when I saw her ..." Haram gave a weak argument.

Where on earth? Put your eyes on your feet again ... "He started walking with pride.

His friend began to pick up the gray box on the ground and followed the horse with a stare.

The harem turned its face to look at the evil mind that was staring at the harem with its face turned.

"Crazy man ..." Haram muttered and turned his face away.

"You see what money she was looking for downstairs ..." After walking a few steps, Amna spoke.

"I was lifting the dupatta. Now I knew that the ignorant man was coming from the front. I don't know what he thinks of himself ..."

"By making a spectacle, now it is well known, what do you think ..." Amna spoke because of the lightness she saw in the eyes of the rest of the students.

"It's my fault, don't go. Join him ..." Haram Pir Patkhti left from there.

Amna nodded when she saw him go.

** ////// **

"I don't know what this seal is proud of ..." The queen looked at the seal sitting in front of her and started whispering.

"I think Begum Sahiba has been given something mixed or watered or some sorcery has been cast on her. The imam was also jealous.

"There was such a commotion at night and look how calm she is, nor did Begum Sahiba come and get the news ..." The queen stared at the seal.

Muharram was delicately carved into the nails.

"I'm surprised she's slapped for the third time and she's still the queen. No one says anything ..." the imam said in shock.

"Listen, tell Zulaikha Begum that Dina is an appointment in my parlor today ..." she said, putting a bill on her bright forehead.

"Yes, she is talking to Nisar Jutt. As soon as she is finished, I will inform you ..." Banu said and went out.

"Ever since this misfortune came, no one has asked me. Before, the name of the queen used to be on everyone's tongues ..."

There was hatred in the queen's eyes.

"What can you do? He has cast such a spell in which everyone has been caught. What is your status now?" The imam sighed and said.

The queen shook her head and walked out.

Mehr did not even look up.

She was busy with her work, although the work was not so important, but it was her style.

"Nisar Jutt, you know very well, she doesn't let anyone come to her, so why did she move ..." Zulaikha Begum spoke while confiscating.

"What's the matter, she's seen from afar, don't even come near her ..." He felt bad.

"Besides, whoever touches it will be present, but the seal is impossible ..." They speak for sure.

"Yes. It just hurts ..." He spoke arrogantly.

"Thank you for seeing me, otherwise where can you find such priceless pearls ..." She sat on her throne talking.

"It's a strange trouble ..." He said making a face.

"Now remember, don't make the mistake of going to the seal, otherwise I stopped last night and I won't intervene again ..." She put the blisters in her mouth and spoke.

"And the one who slapped me in front of everyone ..."

"Are you all familiar with the fact that Mehr only dances then it's your fault ..." They speak with satisfaction.

"I will forget tomorrow's grief by having the queen with me again tonight ..."

"The queen has also increased the price to fill her pockets ..."

He nodded and walked out.

"There is a message from Begum Sahiba Mehr ..." The founder came in and spoke.

"What ..." They speak with dignity.

"They're going to the parlor today ..."

"Hmmm, well I'll come to her ..." She puts the pan in her mouth and speaks while closing the pandan.

The founder nodded and left.

When Zulaikha Begum entered the room, Mehr was sitting bored.

She was like that, she would not talk to anyone, she would sit on her face like a stone statue with a tired face, devoid of feelings, no matter who came or went.

"Mehr, why are you sitting like this?"

Zulaikha Begum sat to his left and spoke.

"I've always been like that, you know ..." The style of the seal was telling.

"We have talked. Nisar will be careful from now on, but you should also think a little. He was just an ordinary servant. Zulaikha Begum looked out of the window and spoke.

"If someone else comes to me in the future, he will be responsible for the result ..." Mehr thought it better to believe.

"Come in, queen ..." Zulaikha Begum's thunderous voice echoed.

Maher got tired and started looking at them.

"Queen, you haven't heard ..." Now let Zulaikha Begum speak a little.

The queen came in with her tongue under her teeth, waves of fear on her face.

"What do we mean by that?" They speak for sharpness.

"She was passing by here, Begum Sahiba ..." Rani offered an excuse.

Mehr shook his head in denial and started looking at him.

"Come back, don't think that we are strangers ..." She stared.

"Yes, I understand, the imam was calling me, I'm going ..." The queen hurried to the door.

"Get ready for the night, today Chaudhry Inayat Hussain will also come, you will come at the end as usual ..." She stood up and spoke.

"All right ..." Seal made a face.

** ////// **

"You know what the show was like last night ..." The king leaned back in his chair.

"I was lucky to arrive at that moment, otherwise I would have missed ..." Adeel smiled and spoke.

"What's her name, yes seal, what does she think of herself ..." The king shook the revolving chair from left to right.

"It's just the splendor of the room, man. He's proud then, but pride is also judging him ..." The charm of the seal came before Adeel's eyes.

Shah turned his chair and looked out of the window.

"what happened?...." Finding the king silent, he spoke again.

"Nothing, just thinking about this news ..." Shah spoke shaking his thoughts.

"Which news? ..."

Bills fell on Adeel's forehead.

"The one that was run two days ago, of money laundering, of actress Hareem Sattar ..." Shah turned to her and spoke.

"Oh well that ..."

Adeel nodded in affirmation.

"I was threatened to stop blowing this news ..." As he spoke, three lines appeared on Shah's forehead.

"Then what did you say ..." Adeel spoke with a frown.

The table in the middle of which the king picked up the pen.

"You think I'll be scared when I hear someone threatening me, even a girl ..." The king mocked.

"Well, well, shouldn't this harem star also know ..." Adeel gritted his teeth.

"Drink enough ..." Shah picked up the receiver and spoke.

"If you feed him, he won't come out ..." Adeel made a face.

A faint smile appeared on Shah's face, which he pressed against the receiver's ear.

** ////// **

"If the price of wheat drops this time, we will dismiss you ..." He spoke in awe.

"Yes Kamal Sahib ..." The opponent spoke nervously.

"Shah Ways ..." Kamal Sahib's thunderous voice echoed.

Shah Weez came to him making strange angles of his face.

"Ji Baba Sai ..." He spoke in a tired tone.

"We're seeing you disappear from the house ..." He spoke in an inquisitive manner.

Shah Weez stared at Safdar and he disappeared in an instant.

"So should I stay at home like girls ..." He spoke wearily.

"Two days later you are stepping into the house where you were missing ..." They were looking at Shah Weez like this, as if everyone would know what was going on inside and outside.

"Baba Sai was with friends, where should I go? ..." Now he spoke calmly.

"Get involved in some work. Are you wasting your free time ..." There was a hint of anger in his voice.

"Okay ..." Shah Weez lengthened the good and got out of there.

Kamal Sahib started looking at him with pride.

** ////// **

Today Shah arrived prematurely, sitting on his special seat, he was watching the prostitutes dancing with absent-mindedness, while he was waiting for the seal.

She was showering with frustration on the face that appeared from behind the seal pillar.

Shah was looking at this delicate genre with interest.

The Shah was holding him with deep eyes, his eyes were warm or something else. Mehr looked up and saw the direction where Shah Brahman was.

Her eyes were blank, a moment was lost and she turned her eyes away again.

Shah's lips were smiling softly.

"There's something in it ..." He sighed.

He was looking at the seal, blowing smoke from his juicy lips under his thick mustache.

Across the gray smoke stood the killer Hasina.

She was walking with her white feet on the marble floor.

People were sitting on pillows all around.

She stood in the middle.

All eyes were on him, people were looking at him impatiently.

The music began to play.

He tossed the coins

I am booked

What he touched


Mehr was tearing the strings of everyone's hearts with her performances.

I feel new

Thus, our lover is seventy-five

Take seventy signs

My heart

For free

Poor thirsty people

Take seventy signs

My heart

For free

There are other shopkeepers of the heart as well

We are a little bit good, they are deceptive

I don't have enough, I don't have enough


There are other shopkeepers of the heart as well

We are a little bit good, they are deceptive

The heart is expensive, not everyone can afford it

I have to sell, but for your sake, I also have to

Today the market is sold out

Take seventy signs

My heart

For free

Thus, our lover is seventy-five

Take seventy signs

My heart

For free

It was raining notes.

The seal was in its infancy. While Shah was looking for something in his eyes.

The ring tone of the mobile broke the monotony of Shah.

Seeing Baba Sai's name burning, wrinkles appeared on Shah's forehead.

He bounced the money towards Adeel and started stepping outside.

To Be continued ....!!

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