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Unsatisfied cries of love

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In the evening, like every day, the sound of conch shells is heard in the slave family.

At the sound of conch shells and bells, everyone understands that yes, the evening has come down, then whoever enters the house as he pleases, there is no one else in the house with such a big house in the neighborhood, and this water-pouring work is done by thirst.

Trisha Das, First Year Student 6 The only daughter of a very high family family Everything in the outside world except the walls of the house and the school is unknown to him. This year she set foot in a new college and was very stubborn. She also burned a lot of straw. She was a very dear daughter of her parents. She was never left alone, but she was not less stubborn. Or friends will be reduced, the fun of going to college together is different, so you have to buy a bicycle to come and go with friends, it took Abdur six days to convince his father, Anjan Babu had to agree without finding a way.

At first it was difficult, but then everything went well.

Thirsty was the only job in the regular duty, returning to college at five in the afternoon to water the basil tree or his hobby.!

As soon as he got home, he got fresh and went to the roof with a small bucket of water as usual.

Then study, singing habits continue all the time

In the meanwhile, they have been thirsty for some time. In front of their house, on the roof of the new flat, a boy walks around in the evening and sometimes looks at him, he realizes that the flat may have a new occupant, so no one cares. It's been a long time since I've had this, and it's been a long time since I've seen this, and it's been a long time since I've seen this, and it's been a long time since I've seen this, and it's been a long time since I've seen this. So even though I liked Takataki's story, I could never express it to anyone ..!

While in college, one day at noon, it was raining heavily and I was very worried about how to get back home.? There was no name to stop, the time to return home was passing without thinking seven or five মধ্যে in the rain he was hurrying home with an umbrella in one hand and the handle of a bicycle in the other hand, but in the rain water the road was so narrow that . Meanwhile, the sky is almost dark with thick black clouds, so to speak, often in the evening, thinking that everyone in the house will think, to reach home with big feet, as soon as he came near the house, there was a loud noise of lightning somewhere around him. His whole body trembled, the road was almost deserted due to heavy rain. Silence all around, no one is anywhere, meanwhile the evening is almost approaching,

In this situation, the man in the front flat was standing under a sunset on the opposite side of the road with the roar of heavy rain and thunder, waiting for the rain to stop. Seeing this state of thirst from a distance, he ran to her and said softly,

Thirst again, trembling, hands and feet still trembling, just looking at the man with no eyes, not in a position to say anything, just a slight smile on the corner of his lips, just tilting his neck and slowly raising his legs towards the house, still terrified of lightning in his mind, his As if his feet were still frozen on the ground, he could no longer hold himself in the power to walk, his whole body was numb,

Seeing Begatik bad, the boy again voluntarily asks 'May I help you madam'?

The boy was stunned for a while before falling down

Quickly holding the bicycle, holding the bicycle in one hand and the thirst in the other, he somehow reached home at that moment,

Meanwhile, Anjan Babu and his wife Trina Das are shocked to see the girl in this condition for the first time.

Then after listening to everything, I thanked Abir K., the new guest who came to the neighborhood.

Abir Mallick, a second year student of the Engineering College, made his name in the college, coming to Durgapur only to study.

There is no one at home except parents and grandparents, a very gifted boy from a middle class family, very dear to everyone, but a little shy in nature, always very quiet, always runs there whenever someone is in danger, in a word, kind.

For a week after that, the thirst was no longer seen on the roof, or on the way to college.

Although Abir's mind was racing to see him a little, to find out how he was, but there was no way, but every day he would climb on the roof like time to see when the thirst would rise on the roof and see him a little, there was a tension in his mind, Night and day I thought only of thirst.

One day on the way to college, Abir's bike suddenly broke down.

Not finding a mechanic anywhere nearby, he was quite anxious and was walking along the road with his bike in hand, if a mechanic could be found anywhere!

Hey, what happened, the car broke down, Abir suddenly wanted to go back in a feminine voice, he stopped for a while, looked stupid like a fool, yawned, then a ray of joy was playing inside his chest, who is he looking at, it is raining without clouds? The question surrounded him, the result of the eager anticipation that he would receive in this way was beyond his imagination,

Hello, what happened? Abir was startled again by the sweet voice of thirst ..

No, yes, the bike suddenly breaks down in the middle. So what else was I looking for a mechanic, saying this Abir started walking shyly again in his own way!

The first time they met and talked, the two became very good friends. Since then, they have never met outside the college canteen, or on the rooftops in the evenings, or at night without talking on their mobile phones. Did not understand the stage

The two of them always felt a pull towards each other. Their friendship grew stronger, especially as they shared small likes and dislikes, although

Love is now at their highest peak, intimately woven quite deeply.

The two of them were walking together, sometimes a little bit of love-quarrel, there was a weakness in everything they were adjusting to.

Much more than that, their love was just above everything else.

Their love was gone in the final stage,

There were a lot of whispers in public,

Then there was a storm, the two families were known, no family could accept the affair, the two families were very much against love, but Abir and Trisha did not give up at that time.

Although there was some loss in studies, the two families were very happy to enter the new class in terms of results.

In the meanwhile, less than a year later, Anjan Babu, the father of Trisha, suddenly found a good pot from nowhere and decided on his daughter's marriage without informing her.

Badash, laguk to laguk, the fire started burning from there,

As soon as the girl's mother heard the girl, she screamed, shouted and cried.

He will not marry her now.

As soon as he heard this, his father threatened him and kept him inside the house.

He is very reluctant to hear this after giving a firm word.

After keeping himself confined in the house for a couple of days, Trisha met Abir in the college canteen under the pretext of begging. He pressured her to marry him soon or else he would commit suicide. The sky fell on Abir's head and he did not understand. What kind of talk is thirsty listening to him, how is it possible?

He is still studying, their financial situation is not so well, with all the savings of his mother and his father's hard-earned money to pay for this house and education today, how can he escape and get married there?

Again the only son of the house, everything depends on the responsibility of the next organization, everything is on Abir's own.

If they get married now, they will have to sit on the road with their family ..!

Upon hearing this, the thirst is quenched, he starts screaming and crying, he starts beating Abir randomly, he has to make some arrangements nowadays, Abir can't find any way, a storm in his chest wants to burst his chest, only tears in his eyes. Saying 'go back', thirst .. I couldn't keep your word, I couldn't save the end of our love, saying this, Abir lowered his face and started crying loudly,

Everything around was stunned, as if the whole world had stopped to thirst,

He muttered only once - please think again,

I can't think of anything at this moment, Abir cried again saying go back.

In an instant, it seemed that everything was over, every muscle in the body seemed to be thirsty.

He went back like a deaf man with a lot of frustration, the one who locked the door without talking to anyone, never really looked back at this world, never looked back at the man he loves, who loved Abir so much ..!

In this way another burning lamp of love was extinguished.

Even after getting everything in life, an insatiable suppressed cry covered all the achievements of life in its shadow

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Written by   8
1 year ago
Topics: Love
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