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Call of Duty (mobile)

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1 year ago

So I've been steadily playing CoD on my two phones for the last two weeks and decided to write an article on my user experience.

I started playing the game leveling up an SMG gun called Cordite. I didn't really pay attention to the events in the game until yesterday and noticed I could earn in game bonuses including items if I complete preset tasks. One of them was to kill 10 enemies with a shotgun.

The shotgun changed the game play. On smaller maps it was just too fun blasting people away. I noticed a pattern starting to develop and that the shotgun would have more kills on certain maps versus others. One pump of the shotgun at close range would kill and enemy and from a distance two pumps would finish them off. On the "Rust" map the shotgun is a definite must.

After playing with the shotgun the Cordite seemed like junk. However I felt like a cheap player with the shotgun. Nobody likes being killed with a shotgun. Shotgun players on CoD are just jerks and everyone knows it.

I was enjoying being a jerk so I used the pink camo on my shotgun to piss people off even more.

What would be amazing is if you could dual wield in the game I would carry a shotgun with a sniper rifle. The SMG, Assault, and LMG guns all just work like crap to me compared to the power of a shot or snipe to the head. It's satisfying efficiency.

The higher up I got on ranked matches the slower I noticed the kill rate go up. It's as if seasoned players all like to play cat and mouse.

Now I really wanted my shotgun.

The shotgun might just have to stay.

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