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Reflections of life

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7 months ago

When a bird is alive, he eats the ants, but when he dies, it is the ants that eat him. Time and circumstances can change at any time, so do not devalue anything in your life. You can have it all today, but remember: time is much more powerful than any of us !!!! Did you know that a million matches are made from a tree, but is one match enough to burn millions of trees? Therefore be good! Make the good !!! "Time is like a river: You can never touch the same water twice, because the water that has already passed will never happen again. Take advantage of every minute of your life and remember: Never look for good looks, because they change over time Do not look perfect people, because they do not exist Better look above all for someone who knows “your true value.” Have 3 loves .. Life; Family; and Friends. Life because it is short; Family because it is unique ; and friends because they are counted.

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