Hey There, I'm Also In Hive!

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Date: 31 December, 2022

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'Topic: Hey There, I'm Also In Hive!'

Hello my lovely mates, it is hard time we are passing I know.

The time is really bad since the @TheRandomRewarder has stopped tip!

Well, I was not really prepared for that situation, and mever thought that will be happened in here. I don't know, maybe I was overconfident on that lovely rusty!

I don't know if it will return in noise.app , but if it returns that would be a great gift for all of us.

I wan to Write in Hive!

Well, I had an account in hive that I have created a few months ago, and I knew from you guys about hive in some articles.

By the way, I am having this problem whenever I try to post my article there.

Can you help me on that situation? Or, will you help me on that?

My hive account:


I really sick help from you guys as you guys know that platform much than me. I have created a post recently and I got stuck at the end while publishing. I need some friends who will deligate some powers there so that I can fix it.

And I need some common guidelines to keep up writing with my photography as I love to take photos with my phone. Well, I would love your supports as a beginner there.

Thanks In Advance!

Happy New Year 2023!

This one is made by me using html and css!

One photo was taken by screenshot of my problem on the hive and other was taken from Unsplash.com!

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