Onion is one of the most important ingredients for our country.

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For onion cultivation, we have to select the land first. The land has to be loamy.

When there is no separate rain water, we carry water in it which makes the

How do we cultivate onions?

In order to cultivate onion, first we have to cultivate the land three to four times so that the soil of the land becomes bigger then we can slowly cultivate the appearance of onion there.

After we plant the onion seedlings and gently in the land there, you need to irrigate during the day. Onion seedlings do not die.

Adequate amount of organic manure and potassium and other chemical fertilizers from the land will be used to prove that we can use it.

If there are weeds in the land, we will take out the weeds of Ramjivan Iranian. We will keep it clean. We will always keep it clean after a while.

Fast presses :

Then in the next 90 to 100 days when the onion will be big for us, when will we collect it again and sell it in the market and you can earn your money from here. Friends, we have to study today.

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