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2 years ago

There is a saying in English that you can show someone the path to success but can not succeed

I will have a history of watching an interview of an great businessman .In that interview he spoke interesting things .

No one working in the world can bounce

A person's life is happy when he voices his work himself .

His other thing

No divorce from success and promotion training .If money could be earned from training, every professor in the world would be a billionaire .

There are 950 billionaires in the world right now .

None of those processors include my training

In the world always, middle educated people progressed .

These people understand the value of time and Instead of pursuing degrees, these people start businesses only during Taal Film.

Success takes them to the factory and market instead of the black university .

Never been to college in life Missing thousands of men and women work in my company

These training people are very ahead of me in vision famine and pressure But they are not encouraged to leave the job .

They do not mind you and your advice

If a person is working for me, he can also work for himself All he needs is a little encouragement .

There is a cloud of everything in the world but not of hard work

There is no place for the useless people in the world, but the whole world is open for those who work.

Hearing his words, I thought that those who cannot do anything themselves do not let others do And those who do something tell others to do it too .

Come together do not work or not work Now your decision is to agree whether you have accepted the work, have you accepted the work that is being done .

This post of mine is for the educated unemployed youth .

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