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2 years ago

I'm done trying to prove myself. I no longer feel the need to impress anyone or go out of my way to explain myself.

We're getting a little to old for the stress that comes along with someone not understanding who you are: flawed but a good hearted soul with a lot to offer.

I've decided I am done with temporary people. I don't need a lack of love... I need love and lots of it.

I don't need someone who smiles to my face, then talks behind my back. I don't need people who bring me down.

Even if I have love for you, I no longer have time for you if you treat me that way. The people who really rock with me know my intentions are pure.

I know some people are not happy with me because

I am not so good, but few people surely love me Because they know that my little kindness is not fake.

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