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2 years ago

Brother and Sister, you've got to know something.

Situations don't last forever, they don't stay the same. Conditions don't remain permanent. If it rains now it'll be bright and shiny later!

All you have to do is adjust and move on!

Don't be saddened by how things are now, they'll be better tomorrow.

Don't let the pain nor the tears..wait, why do we use this as a reason or should I say excuse for us to give up so easily and deviate from our destiny?

Today may be the day you cry, but you just have to adjust to it, face it, fight it and MOVE ON!

Are you crying right now? Are you in pains? Do you think there's no hope? Don't you think there's a tomorrow for you? C'mon I know you're not weak, you're strong!

Don't ever forget this; Your situation today is always your story for tomorrow!

You'll tell that story, you'll smile at the end! You just have to be patient, perseverant, you have to stand up, wipe those tears off, workout and fight for it! Focus on the end!

Be Courageous! Be STRONG!

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