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Parents are responsible for raising children .One of Parents Shari'a believes that in the dream of hair, he cannot tell the children the side of the milk that he aspires.

According to the city's live Mehreen, reducing the children to expensive, their testimony is not even necessary to meet their needs. Rather their motive and low cost can not be started. For this, Parents has to provide just a little proof of understanding In today's Majmoon, we will tell you some such tips, which can be done in the work of children such as Gulab Ram, which is necessary for their physical and demanding demand.

Children's quilt is largely derived from a common child.

The children will remain and there is always a need of the banyan, to whom Sharma can be improved by matching.


Calcium is the most useful for the composition of bones and teeth. And every growing child needs 700 to 1300 mg of calcium throughout the day. Whose basic is present in the appearance of milk and eggs on the mother .

But along with this, green vegetables and fruits can also fulfill the calcium requirement of children.


It is necessary for children not to listen because the exam makes it better in recent times. Along with this, in a village rich in fiber, naturally, vitamin E, vitamin C and magnesium and potassium are also present. Because of this, 14 grams to 25 grams of fiber is needed throughout the day of the life of children, the biggest measure of this is in the presence of sandalwood. Feeding of bread to children is very important for their health, in addition to this, there is a large amount of fiber in pulses, fruits, etc. And these are all such low-cost items that can be taken care of by the need of some children.


It has been basic and far-fetched to start and it is most important for the children of old age. It is also very important to improve the car company of the mind. This potato is strong during rice porridge and sweet. And it is necessary for a child to have 20 to 30 grams of Growth throughout the day.


Smoothness is also necessary for the mother of children.The smoothness requirement of children can usually be met in home-cooked mines. Apart from this, milk and meat is an important means of this. Fast foods are not good for children .


Iron or steel is an important item of mace for the preparation of blood and the preparation of necklace. For which, it is not necessary to read a text only on the ghost, because its sol can be done with vegetables and pulses. And they can be used according to your budget to quarry the car's child's quilt needs


Son's mind contains Vitamin B ,A,C,D,E which is important to say not only for the Sharma of the children but also his small dog makes the stomach even better. And by taking a walk in the morning sun, breathing in fresh air can make a house using seasonal fruits and vegetables. For this one should stress with expensive supplements


Fake protein is the most useful to speed up your preparation and metabolism Camel Whose sol meat is possible with eggs, along with it it is also grown in moong dal peas and in the deep winter.


Not expensive but it is good and mean to treat your child's health .Supplied and supplied drinking water to the child's throat so that he could be healthy after eating healthy food.

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