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2 years ago

I send a damn on dowry seekers

Yesterday I met a girl, she started asking me, can you tell me a good job ??I was shocked when I asked the reason

A few days ago a family came to see the girl The girl is fussy cutie and mastered The girl went to the room after giving tea

After a few compliments, the conversation was confirmed So the question came of poison The boy's mother said that in our family it is customary that 15 tola gold and 10 marle plots and plan plus normal furniture would be there and Sat near son kept taking sips of tea Some time ago, where the girl was having fun talking and laughing, now there was silence

Ultimately the answer was no, the girl was doing the room fighter for fear and came to remove the utensils, so the educated and educated unemployed brother speaking spent as much money on teaching it as would make Rajesh better. ۔

Then the anger will be faced like a sister, how much the father has increased, to send a good job crore, the father was fascinated sitting there and the mother was shedding tears.

Please I have arranged with all of you, do not rate my post, nor do I need any likes, if only a few people understand the hidden message in my post, then my purpose will be fulfilled .

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