Philippines is next to Israel

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Maybe you are wondered and how could it be. Unfortunately many foreign people called filipino are believers in Christ and religious people. That's why no wonder that Philippines is chosen by God as a home like Israel. Because at the end of the Day filipino people will use by God to preach and spread His words all over the world. We already knows that Filipinos are everywhere around the globe.

I should write this kind of topic before but im not active or have an energy to write it, so now i write this, since I feel motivated and willing to do it.

For how many times I listen to God's words and know the Story of God thru bible, thru social. Media andd etc. I must say that God proved me thatbHe really exist in our World. You cannot see him but He is there, once you call him and ask him He answered you. I was in the point that when i cried one time the Love of God fell my soul to calm and stop crying. He whispers me that His here and He knows my burden. Once you feel it it means His there at your side, he hug you and feel you his love. I cannot say that God is not real. Coz i already prove it to myself that he is real and we should believe it. Just call him and go with him. You can feel his prescenes anytime, everywhere and anywhere you are. Trust God and He will take care of you and your loved ones.

Now let's discuss why Philippines is next to Israel?

Many prohecy's told even in the bible, Philippines is likely the Eden garden as what they comapre it to the bible scripts. I know some of us known as Filipinos are the religious people. And we always remember the Sabbath Day. As you can see every sabbath Day many Christians go to church to worship God, to sing with God and Praise God. Sobyesterday as i watch one of the channels in youtube. There he give another knowledge and remind me of where and who i am. If you are filipino then you are so blessed because God choose us for his Kingdom and to us to spread his kind and miracle words. I actually starts emotional yesterday but i hold my tears. I say to God that my life and my blood is wonderful because im proud to say That im also chosen by God to do it. There is someone says, "everyone of us has a mission before God took us our life" . Our mission is to be with God, believe in him, trust his power, repent your sins and surrender your life to him. Once you do that then You are ready to face God and see the heaven especially the eternal life that would be give us soon by God. Isn't it great? Yes of course , it is. Remember my brother and sisters our world today is the start to end our world. Yup whether you want it or not. That's the fact. Our savior is coming very very soon. So be ready and ready your spirit to face God or you will regret to throw into the lake of fire with satan and his allies. If you dont want to be in fire burning, then come with Jesus and believe in him. Don't worship anyone but only our Savior Jesus Christ. Thru him we can be one with him. AMEN? AMEN!.

At the end of Day the filipino people is the one to spread the good words of God and you should also ready to die with God. Once you are a believer of Christ many Anti Christ will hunt you and kill you. That's what demons can do once you believe in God. But i dont want then ready yourself your eternal burning on the lake of fire with them. But once you die with God. You are 100% safe and chosen to be one who can rewarded an eternal life with God. You choose wisely dont be afraid because God is with us.

Now let's take a look why Philippines is the lost Garden of Eden

Almost around the world claimed it but many theories that Philippines is most likely a Garden of Eden. As you can see Philippines is rich in forest, rivers, fruits and anything. There is no one like what Philippine land is. Now just read this article


Where is the Garden of Eden 
The Bible says in Genesis 2, that it is in the east in Havilah where there is Gold, Bdellium and Onyx. It is watered from a river that has four tributaries. One tributary river is Pison that sorrounds Havilah. With the advancement of analyzing oceanic geomorphology, notice the Mid Oceanic Ridge. It starts from the north in the Arctic Ocean that feeds the Atlantic, thence to Indian Ocean and ends in the Pacific at the Mexico/California coast. On top of this ridge is a Rift of about 20 km width and along this rift are Hydrothermal vents which are geysers or underwater springs which feeds the marine life in the deep which we have coined a new word Chemosynthesis. Hydrothermal vents are referred to in Noah’s flood as “Fountains from the Deep”. Notice four trenches or ancient river heads along the Mid Oceanic Ridge:

Trenches or Ancient River

 1. African trench that sorrounds the whole of Africa.
2. Indian – Australian trench
3. South America trench
4. Pacific trench, this trench stretches from California coast towards Canada, Alaska, Aleutians, then in Japan where it splits into 2, westward the Marianas and eastward Palawan better known as the Philippine trench.
My theory
1. The Mid Oceanic Ridge is an ancient river, Eden River
2. The four major trenches are four river heads , Pison Gihon, Heddekel and Parat in the Bible.
3. If the Mid Oceanic Ridge is an ancient river it should follow Bathymetric features of a river and it does – shallow in the Arctic, gets deeper in the Atlantic and Indian and deepest in the Pacific.
4. The Bible says Pison river sorrounds Havilah and notice that the Philippines is sorrounded by the Marianas and Palawan trenches.


Havilah is in the Philippines. There is gold in the Philippines and Bdellium or Pearls, in fact the Philippines is known as the pearl of the Orient and Onyx is a common stone there. Furthermore  marine life in the Philippines is overwhelmingly beautiful. Made up of more than 7,100 islands and located in the nutrient-rich Coral Triangle, the Philippines is home to an astounding number of marine creatures.

So me im ready to die for God than to remain into this World with full of hate, problems, sacred, pain, sickness, sacrifices and different kind of disasters. One Day tribulation will come into our world and if you are in tribulation Days then sorry you are unlucky for belong into Satan's allies. You cannot skip everywhere once you had the mark of the beast. Only souls that do not have print of a beast can enter in heaven.

We cannot deny that Philippines is under the Protection of God as what Israel country is. Before i forget we areone of the hebrews. Maybe God choose us because of what blood that we have or thats the purpose why he made us fiilipinos.

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