Filipino food delicacies

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Hi everyone welcome back again to my blog. So now im gonna share with you our filipino food that youve ever seen and must gonna try it at your home. Sorry if my english or grammar here is not understandable but just focus on the menu or the foods to make you curious of. If youre interested these foods/dishes you can search and watch it on youtube.

So now lets start!!!!!

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1.)SINIGANG-we have different kinds of sinigang there is:
*sinigang na baboy-is a made of pork the taste of we called "Sinigang" is sour we put it tamarind powder or tamarind itself, or raw manggo

*sinigang na hipon(made of shrimp)
*sinigang na isda(made of fish like milkfish)

We cook sinigang with the spicies of tomato, dynamite chili, onion and veggies like radish, string beans, eggplant, kangkong

2.)Street food
*the orange one we called it kwek2x-kwek2x is a boiled egg, of course we peel off  the shell then we put a flour & orange color to make it kwek2x then we deep fry it until cook then we served it with cucumber and ketchup or vinegar sauce
*the white one-we called it fishball, so apparently it has a fish mixture then flour and salt then they formed it into flatten circle then we also fry it like kwek2x

3.) FRIED FISH-Literally fish hehehe we cook it thru fry but before that we put salt on it just a little granule of salt then we fry until golden brown and serve it with sauce any sauce can do.

-This dessert o snack is made of soy beans(that white) then sago(i dont know whats the english of sago that circle shape) then the vendor put it a caramel sauce with condensed milk then we sip it. It yum and delicious and also it is healthy

5.)"MANGO FLOAT" - MANGO FLOAT is made of graham crackers or ground crackers then whip cream, condensed milk and slices of ripe mango. This is delicious and best seller dessert here in the Philippines. Must try it you gonna love this dessert

*KARE2X is a leg part of pork meat we put some colored powder in it then we cook the meat in boiled water until tender/cook then we put some vegetable on it like eggplant, then bell pepper as toppings the we put some salt and seasonings to taste

7.)CLAM'S SOUP-it is a sea shell that we cook it as soup and we put a meringue in it

Credit to the owner sweetshane17

8.)BULALO-bulalo is a beef one, we cook it until tender then once the beef is tender, we put sweet corn, eggplant, Petchay, string beans, and chinese cabbage in it then salt and seasonings. My God im craving this food now huhu hehehe anyway must try this recipe it is simple and healthy food.

*It is a lots of oil and fats of the pork it has also a meat.
We cook it with soy sauce, vinegar, ground pepper, laurel, bell pepper, garlic and onion

10.)SISIG-"Sisig" is a mascara or skin of pigs head or ears of the pig, we slice it into small pieces then we grilled then cook it in a little bit of oil, garlic, onion, and some soy sauce then once it cook we put calamansi juice and it is ready to serve, it is delicious although its a little bit disgusting in some people especially if not filipino but it is a good dish

11.)LUGAW(porridge) - is made of  rice we bring it into a boiled water until the consistency of the porridge then we put some salt then after that we put in a bowl then we put some toppings like boiled egg, some bagnet/crispy meat, onion leaf and fried garlic.

12.)BAGNET-bagnet is a crispy pork meat we deep fry it until golden brown

13.)FRY EGGPLANT-from its title you know already what it is. Just simply slice the eggplant into half then cook it with oil. Cook in only in 3mins side by side then it is ready to eat with sauce partner with rice

14.)CRISPY PATA-as you can see it is a leg part of pork/pig.
Leg part has a lot of meat inside it right so we decide to cook it like that to make it crispy and delicious to eat.
First of that we cook in boiled water in 30minutes or 1hr then once it is tender we deep fry it until golden brown

15.)CHICHARON(PORK SKIN OR FATS) - YES it is made only of fats of the pig we only deep fry it until it become crispy it is delicious once you combine the vinegar sauce

16.)SIOMAI-it already well-known because of Japanese/korean delicacies, there is a different variant of siomai, there is chicken flavor, pork flavor, beef flavor and shrimp flavor
It has only a wrapper, minced carrots, onions, black pepper and salt they only cook this thru steam

17.)DAING(DRIED FISH) - this food we have as filipinos, many foreigners didnt like the smell of this appttizer hahahha many filipina that marry a foreign guy like americans there husband dont like the smell of this because the smell is pungent it is a bad smell of there kitchen but we filipinos are love this appetizer

18.)BREAKFAST MENU-we have different kinds of breakfast food. Just like the image below it has a different pair. The first one we called it hotsilog(combination of hotdog and egg),

Beefloafsilog(beef loaf+egg)
Tapsilog(beef tapa+egg)
Trio meal pancit canton, egg and hotdog

19.)ISAW-"isaw" is a intestine of the chicken, before that we cleaned the inside part of that intestine then we bring it into a boiling water, wash it then we put some seasonings before we grilled that "ISAW"

20.)saba na saging(plantain banana) - it is a raw banana that we cook only by boiling it then once it is soft and ready to eat, so we paired it with bagoong(the fish appetizer)

21.)KILAWIN/KINILAW NA ISDA-it is a raw fish we only cleaned it and remove some bones then we mashed it with vinegar then we put some species like minced ginger, onion, chili, calamansi and tomato(optional) then salt & granules of msg(i dont know what the english of vetsin hahaha)

22.)PANCIT-pancit is a noodles, we Guinness it with garlic, onion then we put some veggies like carrots, cabbage and bell pepper with calamansi as toppings or to taste.

23.)ADOBONG PUSIT(SQUID) - we cook like an adobo strategy we put some garlic, onion, bell pepper, soy sauce and granules seasonings

-although it is well known but letchon baboy(pig letchon)  is our best food that we can share and proud of. Because once we have an occasion or events letchon is one of the center of attraction in dining table.

Letchon de negro
Hahahha its very funny that we have different colors of letchon
Filipinos are very idealistic hahahhaa we have also the green letchon

25.)VINEGAR SAUCE-if youre going to visit here in the Philippines you must try this sauce. It make you eat more and love more to this sauce. You can dip with this any kind of food

All right so thats the end guys. Im sorry if im making you hungry with this foods but i just shared our filipino food especially to our foreigners that gonna knows about filipino foods. Thank you for visiting my article and i hope you love it.

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